Meet the Team

Here at Agility, "be a leader" is one of our core values. Meet our team of leaders.
Jonathan Voigt

Jonathan Voigt

CEO & Founder

Jon is a board member of Turnout (a patrons group committed to building the future of The National Ballet of Canada), an avid snowboarder in the winter and hits the race track every summer.

Joel Varty

Joel Varty

VP of Innovation & Development

Joel is, first and foremost, a dad. He is also a musical theatre director, football coach, writer, actor, and patron of the arts.  

James Vidler

James Vidler

Director of Technology

On weekends, you’ll find James skateboarding, hiking, slacklining, or taking in some sun on the Toronto islands.


Julie Vi

Digital Marketing Lead

Julie recognizes the trans-formative power of customer success and it continues to be the driving purpose in all that she does. When she's not a marketing and sales junkie, she makes room for healthy routines, like yoga, joyful connections, photography, and travelling. 

Daniel Braga

Product Manager

A few of Daniel's favorite things are playing sports (soccer, in particular), playing guitar and traveling.

Lisa Hecht

Account Development Manager

Life is all about balance for Lisa – when she’s not at the gym, hiking, or by the lake, you can find her binge watching Netflix and eating Doritos with her pup, Bailey.

Sufyan Shahid

Sufyan Shahid

Enterprise Solutions Advisor

Sufyan loves spending time with his family. He and his wife share a passion for travelling and trying new cuisines. He's also a Blue Jays fan.

Deanna Spina

Customer Success Manager

When Deanna is not in the office, you can find her cuddling with a strangers dog, riding her bike or trying out a new restaurant in the city.

Mia Grover

Operations Manager

Mia's love of travelling is only topped by her adorable dog Chewbacca. When she's not exploring the globe, you can find her scuba diving and immersing herself in memorable experiences.

Charles Chan

Project Manager

Charles likes to hit F5 on the latest tech, startup, and current events. When he’s not watching NBA, baseball, or volleyball, he’s playing it with his friends. Any time left over, he's practicing cello so he can be as good as his partner. 

Deep Chaggar

Deep Chaggar

Project Manager

Deep is a seasoned Project Manager with experience delivering digital solutions to clients at companies ranging from small agencies to large corporations. Deep loves cooking and sharing his wife's Biryani dish with the office, and catching up on the latest video games.

Charlie Soutthiphanh (soo-ti-pan)

Quality Assurance Analyst

Charlie is a food enthusiast and enjoys walks to the refrigerator and road trips to any food destination. You can often find him answering people’s questions about how to pronounce his last name.

Jonathan Poon

Support Coordinator

Legend has it, you can find Jonathan on the basketball courts, mixing music, or pumping iron. He loves sports, hanging out with friends, and experiencing new things.

Adriano Ueda

Adriano Ueda


When not programming, you'll find Adriano listening to music, watching a movie or hanging out with friends.

Brian Bento

Front-End Developer

When he’s not coding websites, Brian enjoys reading books (fantasy and sci-fi), fooling around with new technology, watching movies and is an avid gamer. He also enjoys travelling and has a goal of placing one foot on every continent.

Erik Barboza dos Santos

Software Developer

Erik loves to spend time with his family and friends. He also enjoys playing, watching and learning about sports, and is an avid gamer.

Mike Sears

Software Developer

//-- loves to write code

var mike = new Employee("Agility");


    mike.WorkingHard(projects: "Awesome", support: "Weekly", pingpong: "bad");

} else {

    mike.Travel(location: "Hawaii", activities: "Motorcyling", "Diving", "Hiking");


Tunc Ekiz

Senior Developer

When Tunc is not coding up a storm, he plays and watches football (soccer). He also enjoys yelling out GOAL in the middle of the office to make sure everyone’s still awake.

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