Meet the Team

Here at Agility, "be a leader" is one of our core values. Meet our team of leaders.
Jonathan Voigt

Jonathan Voigt

CEO & Founder

Jon is a board member of Turnout (a patrons group committed to building the future of The National Ballet of Canada), an avid snowboarder in the winter and hits the race track every summer.

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Joel Varty

Joel Varty

VP of Innovation & Development

Joel is, first and foremost, a dad. He is also a musical theatre director, football coach, writer, actor, and patron of the arts.

His main focus is leading the Product Engineering team. Together they build and run the Agility platform, the best cloud-based software for Digital Content APIs, E-commerce, Search, and Personalization. He has over 18 years of experience with web application technologies and architectures, both from a product and a consulting perspective. He is delighted to be a Microsoft certified developer and architect and to run Agility 100% in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Joel has also recently taken on a larger role with Marketing at Agility, doing a large portion of the writing for the Agility Blog, creating the Product Release Notification emails, as well as creating and editing much of the online video for the Agility Platform.

Specialties: Hosted and multi-tenanted application architectures as SaaS. Cloud application design and development in Windows Azure. Web application architecture and development. Database architecture and development.

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James Vidler

James Vidler

Director of Technology

James is a Senior Software Developer and Cloud Architect with extensive experience in managing teams, architecture, building cloud applications, infrastructure, and awesome web apps/sites using cutting-edge technologies.

On weekends, you’ll find him tinkering with VR using Unity, skateboarding, hiking, slacklining, or taking in some sun on the Toronto islands.

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Olga Voigt

Optimization Manager

Olga is a behavioural scientist by education and by passion. She loves to transform businesses and absorb her insights by travelling and consuming culture (especially dance!). After work hours, she is raising a little snowboarder and enjoys yoga.

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Sufyan Shahid

Sufyan Shahid

Lead Enterprise Advisor

At work, Sufyan is passionate about balancing a complex ecosystem using software and digital properties as his tools. His goal is to create meaningful experiences through solutions that relate to and help people.

Outside work, Sufyan loves long drives, gaming, fancy food, and movie marathons. 

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Deanna Spina

Enterprise Advisor

When Deanna is not in the office, you can find her cuddling with a strangers dog, riding her bike or trying out a new restaurant in the city.

Deanna discovered her passion for helping customers solve their problems when she started in print and eventually carried that all the way over to the digital space. Feel free to reach out, she loves sarcastic jokes and small talk.


Tunc Ekiz

Senior Developer

When Tunc is not coding up a storm, he plays and watches football (soccer). He also enjoys yelling out GOAL in the middle of the office to make sure everyone’s still awake.

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Mia Grover

Operations Manager

Mia's love of travelling is only topped by her adorable dog Chewbacca. When she's not exploring the globe, you can find her scuba diving and immersing herself in memorable experiences.


Charlie Soutthiphanh

Quality Assurance Analyst

Charlie is a QA Analyst who has worked in fields ranging from healthcare, banking, telecommunications, to e-commerce. With science as his background of education, he has transitioned his love for finding, testing, and solving problems from the physical lab to the digital realm.

Charlie is also a food enthusiast who enjoys walks to the fridge, cooking & road trips to food destinations. You can often find him answering people’s questions about how to pronounce his last name.




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