Virtual Conference with Next.js

Planning an event in 2021?

In collaboration with Next.js and Vercel, Agility CMS is giving you a powerful platform that is optimized to drive registration and performance!

With a few clicks, you will have a powerful conference platform ready for you to launch virtual events. 

Live Demo:

Why you will love this Starter Kit:

  • Delegation: Running a conference is difficult – you have to delegate tasks to third-parties to ensure success. Certain elements of an online conference experience are tough to get right, and we'd rather lean on established, industry leading solutions.
  • Flexibility: While delegating certain elements of the conference experience is helpful, it's also important to own the platform. That's why this template provides a flexible open-source codebase that can be modified for your event.
  • Reducing Risk: It's inevitable something will go wrong during your event. This platform reduces risk by leaning on a dynamic site that outputs as static files. These static files are cached, ensuring your site is never down. Then, it uses Serverless Functions to sprinkle dynamic content on top, which are hosted by a provider with 99.99% uptime.

And all of this, in just a few clicks:


This virtual event starter kit was used to run Next.js Conf 2020, which had almost 40,000 live attendees. Now it is available to you! Just clone Git Repository with 1 click!


Another click - deploy to Vercel, a cloud platform for static sites and Serverless Functions that enables developers to host Jamstack websites: deploy instantly, scale automatically, and requires no supervision, all with no configuration.


This starter kit includes the following features but all components are fully customizable (not just "white-label", we mean it - fully!):

  • Multiple stages with an embedded YouTube stream
  • Sponsor expo, including individual virtual booths
  • Career Fair, allowing attendees to network and find job opportunities 
  • Ticket registration and generation
  • Speaker pages and bios
  • Schedule 

With Agility CMS you have all the tools you need to create amazing content fast.

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Virtual Conference with NextJS

Virtual Conference with Next.js

This virtual event starter kit was used to run Next.js Conf 2020, which had almost 40,000 live attendees.

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Note: This project utilizes Next.js Dynamic Routes and relies on routes being defined in the codebase to build your pages. Looking for more control over your pages and what UI components are on them? Consider implementing Agility Page Management

What Developers will love about this Event Starter:

Performance at scale: Fast Video streams and pages even with high traffic.

Mobile optimized: Responsive pages for all screen sizes are a must for virtual attendees.

Zero downloads: View in any browser on any device without any downloads.

Data management: Non-technical team members can edit speakers, sponsors, and content.

Full power to you: Complete control over the frontend experience with Next.js pages.

What Marketers will love about this Event Starter:

Custom design: User experience belongs in the hands of the event team, beyond basic white labeling.

Drive registrations: A frictionless, engaging registration page drives conversions more than any part of the event plan.

Sponsor expo: Virtual booths with Call to Action and lead generation tools.

Job fair: Online events are a natural time for job seekers and job providers to connect.

Editor and marketer friendly: Agility CMS has all the tools your team needs.

Moderated chat: Chat shouldn’t distract from content.

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