Gatsby Starter

Gatsby is one of the most exciting technologies on the internet today, and Agility CMS goes great with it!

This template gets you off and running with content on a home page. Now it's up to you to take it to the next level, personalizing it with your content.

You don't have to stop there, either. Use this as starting point to build a fully featured website. When you're ready, share your creation with us - we'd love to hear about your work!

 Gatsby Starter

Gatsby Starter

A simple but fully customizable starter with content and examples on how to get started with Agility CMS and Gatsby.

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Why you will love this starter

Agility CMS helps improve the Editor Experience by providing breezier workflows, and more importantly less of a dependency on developers in Page Management tasks.

Now, what makes Agility CMS particularly a good fit for GatsbyJS sites is that Agility CMS not only provides native support for GatsbyJS via our gatsby-source-agilitycms github but with our built-in Page Management, the plugin can automatically generate your pages based off your page tree in Agility CMS.

Combine this with our Page Template/Page Module architecture, and this means editors can create their own pages, add/order/remove functionality and content on each page, all without requiring assistance from a developer.

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