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A Report on the Top Platforms – December 2018 Edition

Joel Varty
Joel Varty
December 1, 2018

The Content Management industry has seen a few top players emerge as clear leaders. Their proven track records and longevity set them apart from the lesser tools that have fallen by the wayside.

This whitepaper is provided to help you learn how Agility compares to other leading CMS products. While the document focuses on comparisons specific to Agility, it also serves to differentiate the other platforms from each other within the industry.

The things that have made you successful so far should not have to be jettisoned with the adoption of a new system. I believe Agility is a versatile platform with great adaptability; with these concepts in mind, I’d like to show you how it stacks up to the competition. One of the things that I believe is important for anyone considering a CMS platform is how adaptable each a system is.

The biggest benefits will appear when an organization can bring on a new system without having to change too many things. We should also keep in mind that a vendor organization’s vision and strategy is just as important as their current offerings; your requirements might change moving forward, and you need to select whom you want to with just as much as what you want to work with.

I want to acknowledge Mr. Gary Eisenstein for his writing on CMS Connected’s A Fair Review of the Top .Net CMS Platforms, from which I have drawn some of the inspiration for this document. We have also taken into account analysis from Gartner (Magic Quadrant), Forrester, as well as review sites such as G2 Crowd.

It should be noted that industry assessments by organization such as Gartner or Forrester have corporate requirements that Agility does not yet fulfill, such as a yearly revenue targets, therefore Agility does not appear in their reports. I urge you not to discount Agility as a platform because of this. We compete head-to-head with all the top CMS platforms on a regular basis and often come out on top.

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