Webinar On-Demand: Information + Content Architecture

Jillean Kearney
Jillean Kearney
Jun 20, 2016

Webinar On-demand: Information + Content ArchitectureThe latest installment of our webinar series in now available for on-demand viewing. This installment focuses on two elements required to build a successful website. 

The two essential planning projects are Information Architecture (IA) and Content Architecture (CA), and we walk through both, and the best practices for each, in this webinar. 

IA focuses on the backbone of a website and how the website's content and flow will be organized, CA focuses on how a website's content should be organized and accessed within it's back-end content management system.

The webinar has two main components:

1. The importance of Information Architecture for the experience of a website's front-end users.

2. The importance of Content Architecture for the experience of back-end users (your content team) and the success of a CMS solution.

Watch the webinar here.

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