We just open-sourced​ our SDKs

Agility CMS is a Headless CMS with SDKs for Javascript and .Net, and many more coming soon

Joel Varty
Joel Varty
Oct 9, 2019
Agility CMS Product Team

Previously, only our Javascript SDKs were available on GitHub. You can see them here:


Gatsby Starter

Now, we have taken our .Net SDKs and made them available too.

Fetch API SDK for .Net

Content Sync SDK for ASP.Net Core

  • This SDK access data using our Sync API, which pulls your Agility CMS content down to your web server.
  • This code has been around for quite a while, and we are pleased to make it available to our community.
  • If you are interested in contributing, get in touch, or take a look at the open issues and submit a pull request!
  • https://github.com/agility/Agility.AspNetCore

🤩 Contributors Welcome! 🤗

We've really embraced the idea of a strong developer community here at Agility CMS. We believe developers are the most powerful influencers in the world, and we want to provide you with a great experience. 😍

If you want to build an Agility CMS SDK, get in touch with us and we can help you get started. 👍

🆓 Get started with a Free Account 🆓

If you are really serious about contributing, you are going to need a free account to play around with.

Sign up for that here

🎟 Conferences and Events 🎤

Agility CMS also hosts conferences and events aimed at educating developers.

Check out what's coming up next

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