Tips for Building an Ecommerce Presence Using a Headless CMS

Gabriella Pirrone
Gabriella Pirrone
Nov 22, 2019
Ecommerce Tips for Newbie Webpreneurs

During Quarter 3 of 2019, American Ecommerce sales rose by 5 percent to total 154.5 billion dollars, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. With such a massive market out there, it's no surprise that many newbie webpreneurs are looking to get into the Ecommerce game. To succeed in this competitive and exciting niche, online entrepreneurs need drive, passion, and knowledge, which can all be achieved by integrating proven practices from Ecommerce experts.  

Create a Customer Avatar 

To succeed in the competitive world of Ecommerce, webpreneurs need to know who your ideal customer is. Market research will help you to figure out your market niche and who it appeals to. Study the market carefully and look at which types of customers are buying from competitors who are offering similar goods and/or services. An ideal customer might be a female in a certain age bracket, with a certain income level. Every niche is different, so use detailed research to come up with a composite of the perfect customer, and then tailor marketing activities to the composite, which is a customer avatar. 

Some entrepreneurs write backstories for their customer avatars and you may wish to do the same. Think about the avatar's education level, interests and wants. Then, create a biography for that idealized "person." Once you have your avatar and backstory, you'll find that it's easier to market to them more effectively. 

Keep Close Tabs on Online Processing Fees 

When it comes to Ecommerce, entrepreneurs needs to keep an eye on their bottom lines, which includes keeping tabs on online processing fees. The platform that you choose for your Ecommerce activities may play a role in how much you have to spend on online processing fees, so proceed with caution. Find the right platform with the right payment processing and try to stay away from firms that give you no option but using their payment processing, because you may find that it costs more when you don't have payment processing options. Without options, you won't be able to shop around for competitive rates. 

Choose the Right Headless CMS 

You'll get better results from your Ecommerce enterprise(s) when you choose a headless "back-end only" content management system (CMS) that's agile enough to help you meet the needs of customers during each stage of the customer journey. If you don't go "headless", your CMS won't have the agility to grow with your Ecommerce enterprise. Your headless system will allow you to display data on a variety of devices. It'll be versatile enough to boost your conversions by helping you to offer a truly impressive experience to those who visit your website. These days, customers want a personalized experience with helpful and relevant content. The perfect headless CMS will make it so much easier to hit the target with discerning consumers. 

Newbie webpreneurs who want to make a splash in the Ecommerce milieu need to know their ideal customers, keep an eye on online processing fees and select headless content management systems. All of these important Ecommerce activities help webpreneurs to gain traction in their niches by grabbing precious market share. Use these tips to build an Ecommerce presence that dazzles. 


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