The Agility CMS Opportunity Scholarship Program

You chance to join the conference 2021 for Free

Agility CMS
Agility CMS
Dec 4, 2020
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We believe that including a diverse range of voices at our events makes them better, stronger, more inclusive, and more fun. Our current definition of diversity includes people of any gender, including identity and expression; sexual orientation; disabilities, mental or physical; physical appearance, including but not limited to body size; ethnicity/culture; personal expression; and beliefs – religious, political or otherwise. Having these voices on our stages, on our volunteer teams, and in our audiences allow us all to grow through hearing a variety of experiences, stories, and viewpoints.

What is conference?

The conference will happen on -

What do we like about the conference and why decided to sponsor it?

Ideas and inspiration

Join well-known developers from around the world to explore how real-world Jamstack applications are built. Bring cutting-edge techniques back to your team.

Exciting Programming

Hear from the Jamstack experts from Netlify, Microsoft, Stackbit, Bejamas, RedwoodJS, and others. Take part in live Q&As and Slack groups.

Amazing Quality and FITC have been leaders in hosting online conferences that combine live learning with great networking opportunities. Expect top-end production values and content you can trust.

A Sense of Community

This is a time to make new friends and connect with people you never knew you missed! Relax, share, mix and mingle with like-minded folks throughout the Jamstack community.

Incredible Diverse Speakers

jam dev conferenece

What is the Agility CMS Opportunity Scholarship Program?

The scholarship consists of 50 complimentary conference tickets to the 2021, an online event on January 28 & 29, 2021.

This event will gather well-known developers from around the world to explore how real-world Jamstack applications are built. Learn modern web-dev and bring cutting-edge techniques back to your team.

We will be selecting 50 entries for complimentary conference tickets.


  • Must agree to follow our code of conduct
  • This program is aimed at those who are unable to secure a ticket through their company, or unable to afford a ticket themselves.
  • Applications close on January 15, 2021

About FITC

FITC stands for ‘Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.’ – four words that capture the essence of what our company and events are all about. We produce design and technology focused events worldwide that inspire, educate and challenge attendees.
FITC believes the future of our events relies in our abilities to:

  1. Shift perspective
  2. Dimensionalize thinking
  3. Awaken consciousness
  4. Excite the molecules of ambassadorship and partnerships


All personal information collected from applicants will only be reviewed by the staff of FITC, and will never be shared with anyone or made public. We are bound by/in compliance with the Canadian Privacy Act, and treat all personal information with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges with names and personal information removed.  Top submissions may be showcased online, or during the event, with personal information removed unless otherwise granted by the individual.  By applying for the scholarship you consent to the above, and to receive emails from FITC, including current and future event information and notifications.

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eBook JAMstack for Beginners - Agility CMS and Ikius
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