Podcast: Why You Shouldn’t Just Give Clients What They Say They Want

Jillean Kearney
Jillean Kearney
Jun 10, 2016

Agility's CEO, Jon Voigt, was a recent guest on PROFIT BusinessCast, a podcast that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to share insights and lessons that they've learned.

Jon spoke to host Robert Gold about "Why You Shouldn't Just Give Clients What they Say They Want."

A client doesn't always know what the best solution to their problem is, but Agility has figured out a way to identify their real goals and how to help make them happen.


"Clients will often come in with a fixed idea of the solution or product they're looking for, so they'll skim over a crucial subject: their goals. 'They think, I know what my goal is. I'm going to figure out what I want and need to do that, and [that's what] I'll tell them,' says Voigt.

As a long time provider of problem-solving digital solutions, Agility has learned that this isn't always enough to make a client happy. It's possible to check off all items on a client's list of wants but completely miss the mark on getting them to their business goals.

Listen to the interview to find out how Agility identifies a client's real goals: Don't Give Them What They Want

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