Pair Digital Marketing with a Hybrid CMS to Drive Customer Delight

Edward Wilson
Edward Wilson
Mar 27, 2018

For experience destinations like theaters, complexes, arenas, and other venues, capturing the attention of your customers and leading them through a sales funnel that ends with a closed sale has never been more challenging.

The odds are stacked against you. The highly mobile digital world is filled with customers who use multiple screens and access your content from Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media. These potential clients often go from desktop to mobile and are constantly switching between different reading environments. Reaching and converting these customers requires you to compete for their attention against every Facebook notification and phone call, not to mention your competitors’ messages. Marketers need to seamlessly and quickly spread their messages across multiple channels and platforms, ensuring their content is displayed effectively on each device and optimized for each viewing environment.
This is where a Hybrid CMS makes marketers’ jobs easier.

Hybrid CMS, the Big Picture

Your potential customers are out there. In order to make sales, your content needs to be in front of them. A hybrid CMS is the technology that closes the gap between your customers and your content.

They work something like this.

Rather than create content 10 different times, once for each channel, platform and device, a hybrid CMS allows you to enter your content once and deliver it perfectly for whatever viewing environment your client may be in. As a marketer, you do your job by crafting the right content and selecting the ideal media to pair the the content. The Hybrid CMS then does the work of optimizing and delivering that content on different screens and different platforms.

A great CMS optimizes content for each environment by being:

Personalized: A well-designed Hybrid CMS provides you the ability to custom tailor responses and design based on the customer and their journey through the website.
Cloud-based: With a cloud-based CMS, updates, security patches, ongoing maintenance, and support are pushed directly to your dashboard. You don’t have to worry about complex installs, uncertain backups, or accessibility for members of your team who may be working in different locations.
Easy-to-use: The most important step – both for you as a marketer and for your customers. The right hybrid CMS makes it easy for you to add, modify, or switch content on the fly. It makes it easy for your customers to go from your site to your app to your Facebook page, reviewing, buying and commenting on a single stream purchase. It makes it easy for everyone involved to win.

There are many more features to a hybrid CMS that enable you to efficiently drive sales and increase revenue at a compelling ROI, but it all comes back to that perfectly delivered message, regardless of where the customer is or what they are using to access your content, that drives closed sales and ultimately improves the bottom line.

The Agility Customer Experience Cloud

Our hybrid CMS checks all the boxes. We provide powerful personalization tools, are cloud-based, and are exceptionally easy to use. We empower all marketers regardless of skill set to create, customize, and manage their website, eCommerce site, or ticketing solution from one central hub. By delivering personalized content across multiple channels, you can keep your website branding and experience consistent and focus your efforts on delighting your customers.

The next time you face the challenge of reaching and converting your audience, consider the advantages of a well-designed CMS, and maybe even give us a call or request a demo.

We are happy to help.

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