March 2013 Full Release Notes

Agility CMS
Agility CMS
Mar 19, 2013

The following items were added or fixed in the March 2013 Release of Agility:

  • Addition of the Form Builder module. More details here.
  • Update to allow users to customize their top navigation in Agility. 
  • Update to Agility.Web.Data.GetPage to return first page in sitemap.
  • Updated incorrect text label for "MVC Controller with Partial View" updated to "MVC Controller Action".
  • Moved ?Edit? button within Media & Documents section to a more prominent location.
  • Cleaned up spacing on the recover email field to have a space after the first sentence and before User Name. 
  • Complex passwords implemented for Agility logins.
  • Updated Image Thumbnail Dialog: only width OR height is required in this dialog when "Scale" action is selected.
  • You can now move files between folders in Media & Documents.
  • Updated the devhost environment to use the new publishwithagility domains.
  • Logout link in Agility moved to the right of the Settings link in the top navigation.
  • Updated the "Delete" role/user account permissions to have a role name associated with it in Agility.
  • Updated user security so that a user cannot access a Reports section that they don't have permissions for.
  • Agility.Web update: now able to use the same URL for 2 different channels.
  • Updated Form Builder reCAPTCHA Theme to "white" in the default form generation.
  • Fixed copy of pages to another folder in IE9.
  • Fixed copy Item bug ? when it refreshed in the new language it wasn't always loading the items properly.
  • Fixed bug where Agility User marked as External and has Administrator permission does not show up in Agility >> Settings >> User Security.
  • Fixed bug with switching language where on switching English Article to French makes English categories display under Categorization tab.
  • Fixed IE9 bug where uploading and then deleting a text file via FTP caused the site to render in plain text.

Customer Requested Items:

  • Hockey Canada: Ability to move files between folders in Media & Documents.
  • CMS Report: Agility.Web update: now able to use the same URL for 2 different channels.
  • British Columbia Magazine: Ability to enable/require complex passwords on Agility login.

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