How to Make Copywriting & Web Design Work Together

Jillean Kearney
Jillean Kearney
May 5, 2015

Copywriting and web design are usually handled completely independently when it comes to launching a new website, but the two are intrinsically linked and rely on each other to make the most impact on an online audience.

Both copywriting and web design aim to be attention-grabbers and to keep users on a site for as long as possible.

Copywriting and web design are two sides of the same coin, even though sometimes they're not treated like it.

A copywriter's goal is to get a message across to their audience, whether they're trying to sell something, entertain, etc. Layout/design can become an after-thought. Unfortunately, well-written copy that is clear and concise can lose all effectiveness if it gets lost in a bad layout or web design. 

A designer's goal is to create the best-looking site that they can. Sometimes, a website that has a a great look and feel does little to service its content.

But there is a happy medium. Copywriting and web design teams can work together to create a website that gets its precise message across and looks amazing. Here's how:

1. Create open communication between copywriting and web design agency: From the very beginning of a project, get both teams working together to share and collaborate on ideas to diminish any separation of the two components. If you have regular content strategy meetings, invite at least one person from the web design team to join so that they can gain insight into what goals have been set out for content. 

2. Ditch the "Lorem Ipsum": Many designers place "Lorem Ipsum" text into mock-ups in order to fill a web page with content. Instead, copywriting teams should supply designers with the actual content that will appear on each page to provide context.

3. Write designer-friendly copy: Keep copy simple and short. Avoid long, blocky paragraphs. Lists are a great way to organize and break up text-heavy content, and a designer can easily make a list look great.

4. Use lots and lots of whitespace: This design technique not only looks great, but it's an easy way to highlight copy and to clearly get a message across.

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