Content 101: When, Where and How to Update Your Website (WEBINAR)

Jillean Kearney
Jillean Kearney
Feb 17, 2016

Agility CMS will be hosting its very first webinar, Content 101: When, Where and How to Update Your Website, on March 3rd (and it's free)!

We want to teach you all about how to keep your website fresh and your audience engaged.

Whether you’re managing and creating content for a blog, corporate website or an eCommerce store, regular updates and new content are very beneficial.

The frequency of updates and new content is dependent on several factors, which we will review during our webinar.

You’ll also learn:

  • How much time and attention your corporate blog requires

  • Which areas of a website require frequent updates vs. the areas that require fewer updates

  • Best practices around planning, scheduling and organizing website updates and new content

  • Practical takeaways you and your online team can start implementing immediately

Missed the webinar? Not to worry, watch the recording now!

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