CMS Connected on Agility's "Central Hub" Approach to Content Management

Cristina Ferrandez
Cristina Ferrandez
Apr 28, 2017

Our CEO Jon Voigt recently talked to Laura Myers at CMS Connected about Agility's "central hub" approach to content management, and what the benefits of this approach are.

Jon highlighted the importance of being able to manage all online properties more efficiently, especially as it becomes increasingly important to make decisions based on data gathered from various systems. This is particularly critical as personalized content becomes increasingly important player in web strategy.

Jon also mentioned the key challenge of finding a platform that is able to accommodate not only existing integrations, but also future ones as companies continue to grow. This avoids having to find new platforms and build new websites from scratch every time an integration is required to support new use cases, supporting companies in their growth and saving them significant costs and resources.

Finally, the article highlights Jon's comments on the importance of content architecture, especially in relation to internal or back-end user experience, and building it so that it mirrors external user experience. This is a key way of ensuring that internal business processes are as efficient as possible and that equal attention is paid to improving this as it is to improving your customers' user experience.

Head to CMS-Connected to read the full article.

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