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Agility CMS
Agility CMS
Dec 16, 2016

Selling your products should be simple and easy, so we have created a solution that is completely customizable and tailored to your needs, with a special emphasis on tracking valuable sales data and trends.

Read more about the solution’s key features below:

Fully customizable

Manage all your Ecommerce initiatives from one place

Our Ecommerce solution is designed so that you can manage everything centrally from Agility – no need to worry about integrating your Ecommerce platform with your CMS. Content can be easily pulled in from your existing databases, ensuring efficiency and consistency in design.

Dynamic product pages

Enhance your customers’ purchasing experience

We offer highly customized pages, with the ability to add dynamic product variations. Standard data can be easily replicated across all product pages, eliminating the need to add it manually every time.

Unlimited scalability

Never miss out on sales or revenue due to website downtime

With Agility you don’t need to worry about your site crashing during high-traffic periods; we provide auto-scaling capabilities and additional cloud resources should you need them.

In-depth reporting

Leverage data and insights to improve your sales strategy

We know how important data is to your Ecommerce initiatives, which is why our solution includes infinite reporting capabilities, such as dynamic reporting and custom reports. Data is available throughout users’ entire purchasing cycle–from browsing to purchase–and can be filtered by time, product, referrer, promotion, customer and geographical location.

Abandoned purchases don’t need to be abandoned opportunities; with Agility you can collect data on items that were added to the cart but never purchased and provide users with special offers or discounts to encourage their sale.

Full integrations

Ensure a 100% seamless sales and delivery process

Our Ecommerce solution integrates with your payment and shipping providers of choice, ensuring that data is delivered automatically. We also integrate with your preferred CRM system.

Special promotions

Easily manage special campaigns

Our solution is ideally suited for special promotions, such as Black Friday. If you wish to set up a special offer, all you need is start and expiry dates, your desired promotion code and you’re ready to go!


If you would like to find out more about the Agility Ecommerce solution, please contact us:

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