August 2013 Full Release Notes

Agility CMS
Agility CMS
Sep 5, 2013

New Features

Image Gallery Updates:

  • Added upload button to upload directly to the gallery
  • Added ability to upload zip files
  • Added Folders in Image Galleries
  • Added an HTML Editor for image descriptions
  • Added ability to set the default thumbnails for an Image gallery
  • Replaced the Image Gallery choose/clear links with a drop down, similar to Linked Content
  • Added ability to select multiple images and upload Image Galleries using checkboxes

Social Publishing:

Social Publishing is a new feature added to Agility that allows you to publish new content directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Social publishing can be setup for any content definition and will be shared when you first publish your content item.

For more information on these features and how to use them. Please visit the Agility August 2013 Release Highlights post here.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Full sync no longer triggered if the domain object is not found
  • Sync Status (in Reports) will now show content items as "In Progress" until all items have been copied down to local content files
  • Improved error logging on sync errors in Azure when an instance is down
  • Removed empty content views from sync process
  • Fixed issues with Shared module Zones where deleting a page using a Shared Module Zone would affect content in other pages using same Shared Module Zone
  • Improvements to preview times on sites using Inline Code
  • Custom Input Form bug with Agility:AttachementManager fixed
  • Fixed issue with Module Sort Order
  • Applied fix to address issues with drag and drop of pages within the page tree
  • Fixed issue with Agility:AttachementManager where no MediaID was being set
  • Updated ordering of Configuration Tracking Report to default to descending (newest to oldest)
  • Fixed issues with dragging and dropping pages in page tree (this always requires a publish after moving)
  • Fixed issue with Form Builder module where default selection for dropdown field types was not being adhered to
  • Fixed issues with Module Sort order on pages created before a specific date
  • Improved start up procedures in Azure when an instance is rebooting
  • Fixed issue with creating new pages in Agility in IE10 - previously had to clear cache
  • Applied fix to Recent Changes Report - previously throwing errors intermittently when triggered
  • Updated UI for Shared Module Zones - denoted by dark blue box on page in Agility
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