Agility Provides Digital Peace of Mind to Its Customers with Microsoft Azure

Agility CMS
Agility CMS
May 4, 2017

TORONTO, May 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agility Inc, a fast-growing software company offering a Digital Experience Platform, today announced the integration of additional Microsoft Azure capabilities into the Agility platform, along with the recent launch of Agility Ecommerce and Agility Ticketing. Azure is helping Agility provide the scalability, reliability and security that these solutions demand, as part of Agility’s mission to offer customers a fully integrated web platform to manage all their web properties.

Agility is an all-in-one digital experience platform offering Content Management, Ecommerce, Online Ticketing and Personalization. Azure has been instrumental in enabling Agility to incorporate Ecommerce and Ticketing as integrated components of its Content Management System (CMS). Thanks to Azure, Agility is able to provide digital peace of mind to its customers that their sites will be scalable, reliable, secure and able to bring in new systems as technology evolves.

“The Agility solution has been able to expand and become more reliable thanks to Microsoft Azure, adding Ecommerce and Ticketing to the latest new products we have developed,” said Joel Varty, VP of Innovation and Development at Agility. “It’s incredibly exciting to be able to continue developing products based on our customers’ needs. Thanks to Azure our customers are able to rely on their websites as part of their growth strategies. Ultimately, our aim is to equip our customers with the right tools to get the best out of their digital presence, and Azure is helping us do just that.”

Agility’s commitment to power their sites with Azure is based on the challenges that their customers are facing. Many of Agility’s customers, particularly Ecommerce sites, need scalable websites that perform well even under high traffic to avoid any loss of revenue caused by their website crashing. Additionally, customers in retail and banking want the peace of mind that their solution complies with security standards. Thanks to Azure’s Platform as a Service offerings, such as Service Fabric, App Service, and Elastic Database Pools, as well as their comprehensive security compliance, Agility customers now enjoy fast-loading sites that perform optimally under high traffic and pose no security challenges.

“Our customers benefit from the global-scale infrastructure, advanced platform services and trusted security capabilities of Microsoft Azure,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Azure, Microsoft Corp. “We’re pleased to see Agility’s commitment to providing our mutual customers with innovative products to address their unique challenges and to support their growth.”

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