7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With a Headless CMS

Gabriella Pirrone
Gabriella Pirrone
Dec 5, 2019
7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With a Headless CMS

The web is changing faster than we could ever imagine. Businesses and organizations have high expectations for their content management system (CMS). Your CMS is expected to facilitate impressive digital experiences, manage content for multiple digital channels, and collect data for crucial user insights. 

But how is it possible to do all this with a CMS? Below, we'll explore the 7 things that you may not know you could do with a headless CMS. And trust me, you may be surprised by some if not all of them!   

1. Automate Your Content Freely  

Your editing team should have the ability to create, publish and automate content freely. Page Management gives editors more power and flexibility to create and manage their content but also saves time, increases ROI, and improves consistency across the board.  

Page Management within Agility CMS allows editors to have complete ownership of their content and provides flexibility to add, move, or remove pages. It empowers editors to create and manage actual pages in the sitemap and the freedom to relate and structure their pages without having to involve a developer. With content zones and modules, it forces everyone to use the same architecture across the board in a consistent manner.    

2. Deliver Site-Wide Updates Across all your Digital Content  

Content architecture defines all your content lists and items and where they will live. With the right content architecture in place, the creation and management of your content delivery can happen smoothly in the background while your end-users enjoy the quality experience they are looking for.   

A good Content Architecture makes it easy for your team to deliver site-wide updates across all your digital content. Performance updates can be tested, applied, and rolled back quicker and easier. New employees can start generating ROI quicker, and editors and designers can efficiently complete the work they need to do as well. The CMS is easier to manage, and it's relatively inexpensive to add new features such as integrating with any marketing automation platforms.   

With a headless CMS like Agility CMS, you can start planning your content architecture and optimize your content across all your digital properties. Reduce expenses and create happy customers - all the ingredients you need to deliver standout ROI!    

 3. Sell and Promote Your Digital Store

Forrester reported that B2B Ecommerce will reach $1.2 trillion and account for 13.1% of all B2B sales in the US by 2023. What this means is a properly implemented Ecommerce solution is so important for managing your orders, products, coupons and customers. You need an Ecommerce solution that is robust and won't get bogged, like on a big such as Black Friday, when a massive volume of orders are submitted. The last thing you want is for your Ecommerce store to crash.   

Agility CMS's Ecommerce is Cloud-Based; this means it's scalable independently from your website. It's also customizable, allowing customers to build highly responsive and comprehensive product pages. Our Ecommerce solution also boasts unlimited scalability, with auto-scaling hosting options and additional cloud resources to accommodate high-traffic periods. Additionally, it provides in-depth reporting and custom reports covering customers' entire purchasing cycle.  

4. Boost Your Movie Ticket Sales in 2020      

Electronic ticketing allows your customer's 24-hour easy access to events they are seeking. Instead of having to operate within box office hours, your customers can browse and purchase at their leisure. This makes it easy to schedule events, coordinate with other guests and browse for additional events that may be of interest.  

When you offer a better customer experience, you are also providing additional value to your guests. The result is loyal customers who return to your website or app again and again. They tell all their friends about their great experiences, too! All these things lead to one very important benefit to you: an increase in conversions and sales.  

E-ticketing within the Agility CMS platform is managed from one central hub. It is not only customizable; it also provides secure and flexible integrations with customers' payment, shipping and CRM providers of choice. The platform also boasts unlimited freedom of design, a mobile-friendly user experience, customer account creation and tracking, multiple ticketing variant options and in-depth reporting.    

5. Collect Data for Crucial User Insights   

User generated content is the content on your site that is submitted by your website users. The most common types of UGC are comments, ratings, votes, blog post comments, reviews, form submissions etc. Having a way to store and organize this data properly is very important, especially for your marketing team. It provides the company with an opportunity to respond to the feedback and improve, make changes, and connect with their client base and community. It's valuable information for a company's overall presence, but also gives customers and clients a chance to be part of a large community, to feel like their voice is being heard.  

As technology becomes increasingly user-friendly, it's simple for users to provide honest reviews and feedback in various formats. UGC serves as an excellent social proof. Seeing content from real customers increases your credibility and brings your brand's promises into perspective.   

Agility CMS provides a flexible and fast way of managing your User Generated Content (UGC). This can range from something as simple as polling or a voting system to something more complex like forums, blogs, comments, or photo and video journals. Any form submissions on your website or app can also be defined and saved in UGC. In addition to the basic collection and storage of data, UGC includes functionality for defining and managing user profiles that allow a user to register and login on your website or app. UGC includes workflows and mechanisms for approving content before it is published, and the ability to automatically un-publish content if it is flagged as abusive by other users or contains offensive words.  

6. Improve Your User Experience with Search

Site search is one of the most effective ways to increase user engagement with your site. That little search box sitting there on your home page is a gold mine, waiting to be clicked. A search bar improves your user experience, especially for new visitors who come to your site. A user will arrive there from elsewhere on the web: Google search, a social media update, or a link from another site. Most of these visitors will follow a path you've laid for them, but for the few that prefer to carve their own way, a search bar will help them along.  

Agility CMS’s search feature is powerful and neatly organizes all your digital content in a way that is easy for your users to find. In a few weeks, we are launching a new feature called “Content Search” that will provide Agility CMS editors with the ability to search throughout their instance for content that matches a specific search term. It will tell you where that content is used and provide a shortcut to directly edit/view your content item. This will make finding and replacing content much faster and reliable!  

7. Empower your Content Team to Do More   

The web is changing faster than we could ever imagine. Businesses and organizations have higher expectations for their CMS and the content that powers them. To keep up with all your content changes your CMS needs the speed and the capacity to keep up with all their content updates and the mass amounts of content accumulated over time. As an editor, being able to launch a campaign, schedule a blog post, or add new pages or modules should be a piece of cake.   

 Agility CMS uses a content-first approach that enables you to be faster and more flexible. You can reuse content wherever you want and easily connect it to all your digital channels! 


Agility CMS is a content-first headless CMS platform. We've built this platform to offer you everything we think you'll need; page management, content architecture, Ecommerce, E-ticketing, UGC, and search so that you can adopt a faster mindset.  

We are the only headless CMS platform that can provide all of these solutions under one amazing umbrella of offerings. Take a closer look at the packages we offer or contact us today to get started on your digital transformation journey! 


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