What's Up With Webhooks?

WebinarOct 13, 20223:00PM

What are webhooks and why should you care?

​​​​Webhooks are one way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps. It's how Twilio routes SMS and phone calls to your number, how WooCommerce can notify you about new orders in Slack, MailChimp uses a webhook to signup users from your website to your newsletter.

Webhooks allow external services to become aware of content changes that occur within your Agility CMS instance.

This works by providing a list or URL endpoints to Agility CMS.

Each time content changes in the CMS, Agility will notify each endpoint of the change and pass-on a message representing the exact change that occurred.

In This Lunch & Learn We Will Discuss: 

  • Use cases for using webhooks
  • How webhooks work
  • What types of events your webhook will be fired for 
  • How to add a new webhook 


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