Managing & Optimizing SEO with Headless CMS

WebinarJul 14, 20224:00PM

SEO is the backbone of your organic traffic. The optimizations, technical fixes, and maintenance help you rise to the top of SERP- but what if your tech stack is holding you back?

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The Problem?

Many traditional CMS (such as WordPress) have pre-built SEO fields but compromise your site speed. On the other hand, large monolithic DXPs require developers to hard-code SEO optimizations, leaving marketers reliant on other teams.

The Solution?

Headless CMS- With pre-built SEO fields, and lightning-fast architecture, these systems are designed to help your SEO scores skyrocket! 

What Will You Learn?

  • Why a Headless CMS is better for site speed 
  • The differences in managing SEO on different solutions- Headless vs. Traditional vs DXP 
  • Best practices for managing SEO, including; images/alt tags, metadata, URL redirect, and more

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