How To Use A Headless CMS with Static Site Generators and Vercel

WebinarAug 27, 20204:00PM
  • Want to find a stack that will deliver exceptional Developer and Editor Experience?
  • Excited about JAMstack but not sure how to start?
  • Curious about Next.js and Vercel?

When building your JAMstack site, you need to consider the Editor Experience. How will users manage their content, their pages, and how they will preview changes? These are common problems in the JAMstack world.

We believe we've found a stack that will provide an exceptional across the board, for developers, users, and editors and can't wait to share it with all of you.

In this webinar, we will teach you how to get started building a blazing-fast site using Next.js which integrates with Agility CMS.

What you will learn?

  • We will launch our new Next.js / Vercel Starter step-by-step and show you how to build a next'js website and host it with Vercel.
  • How to deploy and configure a preview and production environment in Vercel with a few clicks of a button!
  • You will also learn the benefits of Page Management with Agility CMS and how you can improve Editor Experience with Next JS.

Who should attend?

  • Fullstack web developers
  • JAMstack enthusiasts
  • All who needs a faster website which is easier to manage

Host: James Vidler, VP of Product, Agility CMS. James has been building websites for the better part of a decade and currently leads the product team at Agility CMS. He's high on JAMstack and its promise for a faster web. On the side, he's also a Virtual Reality developer and publisher."

Special Guest: Luis Alvarez, Next.js Developer, Vercel. Self-taught developer. Passionate about open source, technology, and video games, Luis has loved Next.js since the beginning. After running his own company with his brother and friends, he joined Vercel to improve the framework and be part of the amazing community. 

Next.js is one of the JAMstack pioneering Static Site Generators.  Next.js benefits from JavaScript modules, helps developers save time, removing the need to use bundlers like webpack. This enables them to pre-render static pages, adding to a website's performance and its SEO.

Vercel is an extremely popular JAMstack Hosting platform.  Vercel is serverless and also a really exciting platform that's evolving quickly. It provides CDN out of the box and has a new Preview capability.

Agility CMS is a headless CMS that allows users the unparalleled flexibility, speed, and responsiveness that comes with an API-first CMS and hybrid features like Content Modelling and Page Management. 


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