Jan 28, 2021

Kentico Kontent vs Agility CMS

Choosing between Kentico Kontent and Agility CMS: the guide.

kentico kontent vs agility

In the dynamic realm of content management systems (CMS), the quest for seamless user experiences and efficient content delivery has led to the emergence of two prominent players:  Agility CMS and Kentico Kontent. This blog delves into a comprehensive comparison of these two platforms, shedding light on their distinct approaches, strengths, and limitations.

As businesses strive to optimize their digital strategies, understanding the nuances of Agility CMS's innovative Headless CMS+ model and Kentico Kontent's capabilities provides invaluable insights. By examining these platforms side by side, we embark on a journey to discover the optimal fit for various digital experience needs. Let's explore how Agility CMS and Kentico Kontent navigate the ever-evolving content management landscape, and how each can be harnessed to create exceptional digital experiences.

An Agility CMS Overview:

Agility CMS is a contemporary, cloud-based content management system (CMS) that stands out as an advanced headless CMS+. It empowers organizations to streamline content management while embracing the advantages of a headless architecture. This unique approach allows businesses to efficiently create, manage, and distribute digital content while also benefiting from the flexibility of a headless content management system.

Key Features:

Headless CMS+ Approach:

Agility CMS follows a headless CMS+ model, which extends beyond traditional headless CMS capabilities. In this context, "headless CMS+" refers to a system that not only decouples content creation from presentation but also provides additional features and tools for a more comprehensive content management experience.

Content Modeling:

Agility CMS offers a robust content modeling system, allowing you to define and structure content types to suit your needs. This enhances content organization and consistency.

Content Distribution:

With its headless architecture, Agility CMS facilitates content distribution across various channels and platforms, ensuring a consistent brand experience across multiple touchpoints.

API-First Approach:

The platform provides a set of APIs that enable seamless integration with external systems, applications, and devices. This API-first approach empowers developers to leverage content and deliver it dynamically.

Multi-Channel Delivery:

Agility CMS allows you to publish content to diverse channels, such as websites, mobile apps, and digital displays, providing an omnichannel content strategy.

Content Personalization:

Businesses can implement personalized content experiences, tailoring content based on user behaviour and preferences to enhance engagement.

Localization and Multilingual Support:

Agility CMS supports creating and managing multilingual content, catering to global audiences and facilitating localization efforts.

Developer-Friendly Tools:

The platform offers tools for developers, including customizable templates, support for modern development practices, and the flexibility to create bespoke solutions.

Content Versioning and Collaboration:

Agility CMS enables content collaboration through versioning, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly while maintaining content integrity.

Scalability and Performance:

The cloud-based nature of Agility CMS ensures scalability, ensuring consistent performance even during periods of high traffic or content demand.

Global Support and Resources:

The platform provides users with support, training materials, and a community to assist in optimizing their content management workflows.

What is Kentico Kontent?

Kentico is a versatile digital experience platform that seamlessly integrates content management, digital marketing, and commerce functionalities. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, offering a user-friendly solution for modern websites. The platform focuses on delivering personalized experiences and easily fits into various technology stacks.

With Kentico, businesses can enhance customer engagement, deliver customized content to their target audience, and optimize performance to attract more clients. Strong customer service and a global network of implementation partners support the platform's robust capabilities, efficient implementation, and user-friendly interface.

At its core, Xperience by Kentico is a hybrid headless digital experience platform (DXP) that offers a range of powerful functionalities to create, manage, and optimize digital experiences.

With a focus on flexibility and innovation, Xperience provides a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses to engage their audiences effectively.

Comparing Headless CMS+ and Hybrid Headless DXP: Unveiling the Future of Content Management

In the dynamic landscape of content management and digital experiences, two pioneering approaches, Headless CMS+ and Hybrid Headless DXP, emerge as contenders: Agility CMS and Kentico. Delving deeper into these concepts reveals distinct philosophies that shape how businesses deliver content and engage audiences.

Agility CMS's Headless CMS+: Forging Unshackled Experiences

At the forefront is Agility CMS, embracing the Headless CMS+ model, a paradigm that redefines the boundaries of content management. This approach entails a true separation of content from presentation, heralding unparalleled flexibility in content delivery. Developers wield potent tools and APIs, enabling bespoke digital experiences that resonate with their audiences. Agility CMS thrives on agility, allowing businesses to launch digital initiatives swiftly and adapt to evolving trends. Harnessing personalization capabilities empowers brands to craft unique journeys, optimizing engagement.

Kentico's Hybrid Headless DXP: The Comprehensive Convergence

Conversely, Kentico champions a Hybrid, Headless DXP strategy that integrates content management, marketing, and commerce within a unified framework. This comprehensive model presents an appealing all-in-one solution for businesses aiming to streamline various aspects of their digital presence. While offering convenience, it also introduces complexity. Merging components could potentially limit the innate flexibility of pure headless architectures, restraining innovation and agility.

Headless CMS+ Triumphs: Unleashing Innovation and Adaptability

The merits of Agility CMS's Headless CMS+ approach lie in its unshackled innovation. It empowers developers to transcend limitations, crafting tailored digital experiences that resonate deeply. With a swifter time-to-market and inherent adaptability, businesses can effectively meet the demands of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Personalization flourishes, enhancing engagement and forging lasting connections with audiences.

Kentico Kontent vs Agility CMS: Addressing Kentico's Shortcomings

Limitations and Downsides of Kentico:

While Kentico offers a range of features and capabilities, there are several limitations that users have highlighted in their reviews. These downsides encompass issues related to updates, pricing, stability of new versions, out-of-the-box components, and customer support.

Challenges with Updates:

Users have reported difficulties when updating to newer versions of Kentico. Problems arise in applying updates; sometimes, preferences and features can be lost in different environments after updates are applied. This can lead to disruptions and extra work to resolve issues caused by updates.

Pricing Model Concerns:

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with Kentico's pricing model, which has experienced significant increases in recent years. The higher pricing has made it less competitive than other solutions in the market, affecting both new site implementations and the licensing of existing ones.

Stability of New Versions:

There have been concerns about the stability of new versions of Kentico. Users have found that certain features in previous versions might be missing or not fully functional in the latest releases. This instability can require users to wait for newer versions to mature before they can be effectively used.

Lack of Out-of-the-Box Components:

Kentico has been noted to lack out-of-the-box components to kickstart website development. This means that a substantial amount of work needs to be invested in building essential components from scratch, potentially elongating the development process.

Customer Support Issues:

One of the most recurrent concerns relates to customer support. Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the responsiveness and helpfulness of Kentico's customer support. This lack of reliable support can lead to frustration and delays in resolving issues.

Complexity and Re-implementation:

Some users have found that while Kentico aims to cover a wide array of functionalities, it may not fully meet specific requirements without re-implementation or customization. This complexity can potentially hinder efficient implementation and force users to adapt the platform to match their needs.

A shift in Pricing Model:

A significant gripe from long-term users is the change in Kentico's pricing model from a license-based approach to a subscription-based one. The subsequent increase in annual costs, often between 10% and 25%, has left some customers feeling that the company prioritizes profits over fostering customer loyalty and relationships.

Time-Consuming Support:

Users have noted that the support process can be time-consuming and less efficient. Dealing with heavy bugs or inquiries often requires contacting Kentico support, which might not be as quick and straightforward as desired. Some users have suggested a more searchable knowledge database to streamline such inquiries.

While Kentico offers a range of features, its users have highlighted several limitations and downsides in their experiences. These include challenges with updates, concerns about pricing changes, stability issues with new versions, lack of out-of-the-box components, customer support frustrations, and the need for re-implementation to meet specific requirements. These factors should be considered when evaluating Kentico as a potential solution for your digital experience needs.

Agility CMS: Unveiling an Alternative with Unparalleled Advantages

As businesses seek to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of content management, Agility CMS emerges as a dynamic alternative that addresses several concerns users raise regarding Kentico. With a strategic focus on enhancing user experiences, Agility CMS offers distinctive benefits that set it apart from the limitations of traditional platforms.

Seamless Automated Updates:

Unlike the update challenges reported by Kentico users, Agility CMS takes a different approach. Automating the process through the Agility team eliminates the hassle of manual updates. This ensures a seamless experience, minimizing disruptions and freeing resources for more strategic endeavours.

White Glove Service and Support Excellence:

Customer support is a cornerstone of Agility CMS. While Kentico users have expressed dissatisfaction with support, Agility CMS prides itself on its white glove service. The team is dedicated to promptly addressing queries, resolving issues, and offering unparalleled support, fostering trust and confidence among users.

Integration Ease and Marketplace:

Agility CMS strives towards a harmonious ecosystem with its membership in the MACH Alliance and a marketplace for seamless integrations. This approach contrasts with Kentico's limitations in out-of-the-box components, ensuring businesses can access a versatile array of tools and solutions for tailored experiences.

Transparent Pricing:

In an industry where pricing complexities often hinder decisions, Agility CMS champions transparency. With Agility CMS, businesses can navigate pricing structures without unwelcome surprises, aligning their investment with their goals.

Choosing Agility CMS: Navigating a Future of Innovation

As Kentico's limitations come to light, Agility CMS emerges as a transformative alternative, presenting a solution tailored to the evolving digital landscape. With its commitment to automated updates, top-tier support, seamless integrations, and transparent pricing, Agility CMS champions innovation and efficiency. While every business's journey is unique, Agility CMS empowers you to navigate the digital future with confidence, agility, and enhanced user experiences.

Charting Your Course

Agility CMS's Headless CMS+ approach stands as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving realm of content management. While Kentico's Hybrid Headless DXP offers comprehensive functionality, Agility CMS's true separation of content and presentation fosters agility and unmatched flexibility. Your choice depends on your business's priorities: Does the promise of unbridled innovation and dynamic experiences align with your vision? If so, the path of the Headless CMS+ might be your ideal route to a digitally empowered future.


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