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Visit Orlando is the official tourism association for Orlando, the most-visited destination in the United States. They are a registered not-for-profit trade association that represents more over 1,000 member companies making up Central Florida’s tourism community.

The Goal

Visit Orlando's success is directly related to the success of their member companies' presence on visitorldando.com. Visit Orlando wanted to increase engagement and conversion rate metrics to drive more ticket sales, both online and in their Visitor Centres. To summarize, Visit Orlando’s main goal was to create a better user experience, easily manage their content across all domains, increase ticket sales while decreasing overall costs and personalize their marketing campaigns to a more targeted audience.

The Challenge

Visit Orlando's digital strategy was in need a major revamp and in 2016 their team began working with Agility to build a plan to bring together all of their digital properties under one umbrella and to unify the processes for managing content. Their major pain point was not converting enough ticket sales online. This problem was primarily due to staff having to manually issue tickets because their former site and eCommerce system couldn't handle a ton of traffic and would crash during their busy times. Tickets also had to be processed in batches (once a day), and because of this, the staff was burdened with the workload while customers were upset that they couldn't purchase last minute tickets. This led to a ton of frustration, primarily causing inefficient admin processes and increased costs to run operations.

Not only was it challenging to manage, but it was also expensive, both from a hosting/software licensing perspective as well as the stress of having to hire more staff to keep up with ticket demand. What's more, the point of sale (POS) and online ticket purchasing flow was encountering a high decline rate from their online payment processor. Uptime on occasions such as Black Friday and the holiday seasons was also a significant concern.

The Solution

Now, Agility provides Visit Orlando with the following offerings:

  • Multi-site, multi-channel Content Management
  • Ecommerce with Online Ticket Sales
  • POS Ticket Sales

On the first day after the roll-out of the new ticket purchasing website and POS solution, the team lead at Visit Orlando emailed us to show how much more revenue they have a) saved and b) increased, just by turning on the new website.

The user experience was immediately improved not only for the customers browsing online to purchase tickets, but also for the employees taking orders in person, and for the content management team using the backend.

The Outcome

Moving forward, the content team can breathe and roll out ticket purchases quicker and easier with the new POS system. They can also focus on adding new properties onto the platform, both as new website instances or as digital channels if they choose. This greatly reduces the cost of development and training since everyone is working from the same platform.

Visit the site: Here 

Working with Agility

In December, the CIO and Director both remarked that they had taken a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving for the first time in many years!

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