UJET: Total overhaul with Agility CMS for the world’s most advanced cloud contact center

As one of the world’s most advanced cloud contact centers, UJET needed an equally advanced architecture to keep up with the increasing demands of its users and visitors. By migrating to the Jamstack architecture and using Agility CMS as its headless CMS, our partner, Ikius, increased UJET’s performance fourfold by migrating from WordPress to Agility CMS


increase in performance



UJET, based in California, is the world’s first contact center platform for smartphone-era  CX. UJET unifies the enterprise brand experience across sales, marketing, and support. This eliminates the frustration of channel switching between voice, digital, and self-service for consumers. 

Offering unsurpassed resiliency, UJET powers the world’s largest elastic CCaaS tenant at up to 22,000 agents globally. In addition, it is trusted by innovative, customer-centric enterprises like Instacart, Turo, Wag!, and Atom Tickets to intelligently orchestrate predictive, contextual, and conversational customer experiences.

“Using Agility CMS for an enterprise website migration was essential for the project's success. Migrating hundreds of pages from WordPress while preserving the sitemap and asset structure was incredibly efficient with Agility CMS, said Ikius’ CEO, Max Ikaheimo. We were able to migrate all content in under three months, while also optimizing each part of UJET's content management operations for a large marketing team.”

Moving from legacy content management

Innovative companies need innovative websites. For UJET, that meant moving away from WordPress. The old website was cumbersome to use and maintain, and it was bloated with all the needed plugins and quick fixes. Ikius stepped up and took the bull by the horns and decided to migrate UJET’s entire site to Agility CMS, taking it from legacy to headless. 

Using Next.js for the front-end, Ikius rebuilt UJET’s site using Agility CMS components. That includes using Agility’s robust backend and asset manager to create an interactive website that can be customized on the fly without plugins and themes. 

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Future-proofing customer experience

One of the drawbacks of legacy architecture is that it’s not scalable. A website built on a coupled platform will always limit your scalability. From how many visitors you can get, and how many customers you’re handling to even how quickly they would get to interact with the website.

To achieve almost infinite scalability, Ikius chose Vercel as UJET’s deployment platform. Next.js and Vercel work together to deliver the best performance for your end users, while Agility CMS serves as the layer that connects all that, keeping everything accessible and safely stored.  

Keeping an eye on SEO

Good SEO is one of UJET’s primary concerns. While their previous platform was cumbersome, it was still very friendly for content editors because they could easily edit SEO-relevant information and see those changes reflected quickly. 

Agility CMS was the perfect choice for UJET.  It allows content editors to do their job and optimize content and assets so they’re relevant for search engines. By integrating Vercel and Next.js with Agility CMS, Ikius built a website that makes it not only easy to do SEO on the developer side but also from the editor side. This guarantees UJET some solid SEO gains from the beginning. 

Making customer experience accessible

Having design issues not only makes it difficult to use your site but also makes it difficult to navigate. For users with impairments or disabilities, this can make it very difficult to use your site, lowering the number of people who use it. 

Accessibility also extends to SEO. Google penalizes websites that are not accessible. With Agility CMS’ help, Ikius created a website with AA-level accessibility, ensuring that UJET’s website remains accessible for all users.

“Our purpose is to give our customers a voice, and Ikius has been instrumental in helping us do that,” said Joel Varty, Agility CTO.  “With this solution for UJET, they have increased performance and accessibility and provided a future-proof foundation based on Agility content that can be expanded upon for years to come.”

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