With more than eight million members across Canada, SCENE was looking for an innovative omnichannel experience to keep members engaged. Agility has given SCENE full power and control over their content, enabling them to easily manage their digital channels and provide their customers with an outstanding online experience.

Innovating Omnichannel Customer Experience for SCENE Rewards Program

The Goal

In 2016, SCENE was in the process of a major rebrand and wanted to launch a new website. They were also hoping to find a platform that was flexible and that allowed them to increase their speed to market of content and updates.

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The Challenge

SCENE was looking to become more agile in getting content and design updates live on the SCENE website. They wanted a system that was simple to use and that they could administer themselves efficiently and effectively with internal resources. Their current system was extremely limiting and did not meet their technology needs.

In addition, and like many businesses at the time, they maintained a separate mobile version of the SCENE website, This allowed them to optimize for the influx of mobile traffic they were seeing on the site. Over time, however, this mobile site became difficult to manage and SCENE quickly found that their desktop and mobile sites were two conflicting strains on their resources. By 2016, mobile traffic was accounting for more than half of all traffic, and SCENE knew that a single site with a mobile-responsive design was the answer.

The SCENE team was also planning on launching a new mobile app and they wanted to be able to update app content themselves, using the same CMS tool as their desktop site to ensure consistency. They were aware of the need for a mobile-first strategy and wanted to ensure that their members were able to access the site in the most convenient way possible, whether via their desktop computer, mobile browser or mobile app.

Finally, as part of their long-term strategy, SCENE wanted to build a site that was scalable and that would be able to accommodate future business needs and technologies.

omnichannel marketing case study scene

The Solution

SCENE chose to work with Agility based on our ability to customize their site to their exact needs, as well as our flexibility with integrations. As part of the website rebuild, we worked with the SCENE marketing team, a design agency, a mobile app builder and the SCENE’s platform partner.

One of the main benefits of the Agility solution was our customized and flexible integration with the platform host. While registrant data is still housed by Scene, all content can be delivered and updated from the Agility platform, which means that SCENE now has full control over their offers and rewards.

In terms of the website and mobile app, our platform has enabled SCENE to easily and intuitively update all content whenever needed, with no technical skills ever required. The big benefit about managing all content from one hub is that there is no need to make updates multiple times (on their desktop, mobile and app sites and their kiosks); content is automatically updated across the board.  

Another important element we took into consideration when building SCENE’s new website and mobile app was ensuring that we built a framework that could accommodate not only today’s design capabilities and technologies, but also future ones. This is reflected in the site’s content architecture, which was specifically tailored to SCENE’s unique business needs and requirements and built with scalability in mind.

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Agility has given SCENE full power and control over their content, enabling them to easily manage their digital channels and provide their customers with an improved online experience.

Customers are now able to access all membership information through their desktop site, mobile site or mobile app, including transactions, account history, personalized offers, point balances and point redemption. Content is easy to update instantly through Agility and data across vendors is automatically delivered.

SCENE has cited the ease of use of the Agility platform as a top benefit thanks to its logical and intuitive user interface, which non-technical members of their team find easy to use and to publish content on. This has allowed them to easily populate the site and to deliver content quickly and efficiently.

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Benefits of Agility CMS for Media and Entertainment Brands:

  • We bring an industry-leading level of performance to your website. Agility’s proprietary caching technology extends the caching capabilities in ASP.NET to provide blazing fast performance on any size of site with any traffic load. Agility also supports load-balanced configurations for your Web site
  • Create multiple media libraries to store and stream your content, from images, music and video, to PDFs, Flash or Silverlight applications and more
  • Use our Modules — widgets — to add static, dynamic or interactive content. Modules like online forms, image galleries and newsletter subscription boxes
  • Standardized workflows for your content and media teams. Workflows can be managed automatically or manually, and users can easily follow and define each step
  • The platform is built for mobile. It includes built-in responsive design capabilities and can build mobile apps and dedicated mobile sites
  • Sites are search engine optimized and indexed by Google and other search engines

"We were very pleased with the level of commitment from the Agility team. The team went above and beyond to ensure they were able to do what it took to allow us to hit our deadline. It was impressive how collaboratively they worked with our other agencies and with our internal team." — Shawn Bloom, Former VP of Operations, Partnerships & Digital Strategy at SCENE

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