Genesis Modernizes Its Website With the Help of Agility CMS

Genesis Energy Limited is the largest electricity and natural gas company in New Zealand. Through its 2 retail brands, the company provides energy services and innovative renewable energy products to over 650,000 residential and business customers across Aotearoa.


Marketing Team Satisfaction

A Host of Stability Problems

Genesis had been operating using an older technology stack, and as the company grew, they were experiencing stability issues. These challenges also led to some security problems, which meant they faced a huge decision to make. They could completely recode their existing CMS or move to a modern platform. They chose the latter and opted for Agility CMS.

No Marketer-friendly Interface

Before adopting Agility CMS, Genesis marketers had issues with managing content. Most of the time, content authors needed to know which SGML code snippet or a CSS class they would need to use to render a particular component in a specific way on the page. Given how much content they needed to produce, Genesis sought to move away from that technical requirement and choose a more user-friendly interface.




Modern Website and SEOModern Website and SEOLegacy System Legacy System

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A Superior Content Editing Experience

Making a new CMS can be challenging, especially if you want to move fast. After performing a cost-benefit analysis, Agility CMS came out on top for Genesis. The user-friendly content editing experience attracted them to Agility as many other headless CMS platforms struggled to deliver on this requirement. After logging into Agility CMS, marketers were greeted with a familiar and intuitive authoring experience. 

Smooth Onboarding Process With Agility CMS

Moving to a headless CMS can be difficult, but the support from Agility throughout the entire process was perfect for Genesis’ needs. Roadblocks, such as how to style content, were dealt with swiftly. 

Previously this was a very tricky process when Genesis worked with any CMS. Still, Agility’s integration with a block editor system helped them deliver a consistent styling experience throughout the website. Now it’s hard to tell which part of the content is rich text versus which is structured content.

The other benefit of moving to Agility CMS was that Genesis could now use modern approaches like Jamstack. By building their new website with Jamstack and Next.js, developers could utilize its lightweight capabilities to deliver a fast and engaging user experience that provides the security and scalability Genesis was missing with their previous CMS. Also, marketers benefit from the improved SEO ranking and speed offered by Jamstack.

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