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Being Agile is all about being more flexible, adaptable and being ready to change and adjust in this ever-changing world.

The often forgotten "secret" to living a truly fulfilling and happy life lies in your ability to be agile. Join Jon Voigt, the Founder of Agility Inc, as he shares tips, strategies, and insights from entrepreneurs and digital leaders across the country on how to make your business and overall life more Agile. Each week Jon will be sharing the stories of today's most Agile entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies. Discover the skills and shortcuts to being more agile by listening to his latest podcast episodes every week.


Hack Life like a Pro & Learn shortcuts to Agility

Episode #21

Brand success can be as simple as a haircut! Develop your brand to create the most valuable tool for lasting revenue. Learn how to do this and more in this episode featuring Brian Wong. CEO of the mobile app advertising company Kiip, Brian co-founded his business at age 19 and now, 8 years later, has been named as one of the top young entrepreneurs in the world by multiple sources. Listen and you’ll discover how to increase your marketability through your weaknesses. And as the author of The Cheat Code, Brian shares why you don’t have to transform your life to create success. It just takes a few simple cheat codes to fast track your way to massive revenue. 


How to Adapt When Adding More Responsibility to Your Life!

Episode #20

If you’re a parent, then you know how hard it can be to manage your time well. Now imagine running two businesses on top of parenting. Elissa Liu has mastered the art of managing time while being a parent and CEO. As the founder of Spark Growth and the CEO of Influential Executive, Elissa Liu has to maximize every minute of her day. Hear the 2 ways she makes every second count. Elissa has discovered how to value your kids and the time you spend with them while also getting work done. Listen to find out how to become a better parent and a better Entrepreneur at the same time.


Changing Your Business as the Industry Changes.

Episode #19

On today’s episode, find out how one entrepreneur was able to overcome the roller coaster events in his life. Kevin Hourigan sits down with Jon and shares his company’s struggles, victories, recline, and regrowth. He is the President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions, a leading Digital Advertising Agency. Tune in as Kevin discusses how he handles these transitions and adjusts accordingly when the waves end.


From Writer to Entrepreneur, a Journey of Seeing Changes

Episode #18

It is through adaptation that allowed early humans to survive in any environment and evolved to what we are today. And this special trait of man is what Michael Wailes used. By adapting to changes and trends in journalism and technology, he evolved and became a successful entrepreneur. Unlock this special trait in you by listening to today’s episode as Michael shares his journey with Jon. Don't miss this one!


Homeschooling Could It Give You More Flexibility

Episode #17

Do you want to know if homeschooling is for you? On today’s episode, Jon and Frank Cianciulli discuss what it takes to homeschool your kids. Homeschooling has its pros and cons, but Frank was able to use homeschooling to his advantage. Frank is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO at The Wish Group. Find out how homeschooling gives him flexibility and its other benefits not just for him but for the kids also. Tune in now and discover all that you need to know about homeschooling.


Work-Life Balance? What Does Balance Mean?

Episode #15

How do you balance work and family life? How do you cope with the stress in work and life and do you even have time to take care of yourself? That is why you need to listen to today’s episode as Jon tackles the answers to these questions with Jeremy Choi, an entrepreneur handling three businesses, a husband, and a dad. Jeremy shares how he tries to dedicate time exclusively for his work, family life and taking care of himself. And what’s more, Jeremy gave one exercise that he does even inside the car that helps him relax and one habit that makes him focus on the most important thing in life.


Listen to Your Customers to be Successful.

Episode #14

What are two business skills you need as an entrepreneur? Finding a niche and adjusting to customer needs. Listen to today’s show to hear examples of this from Gary Eisenstein. Gary is the CEO and founder of Falcon Software and CMSC Media. Learn from Gary’s stories and experience as he created businesses that met the needs of his clients. Find out how you can use flexibility to your advantage!


How To Adapt and Move Forward Into the Future with Nancy Giordano

Episode #13

How do you prepare yourself or your business for the future? With the advancement in technologies today, it’s easy to feel stress and overwhelm. So how do you keep up? Find out the answers on today’s episode as Jon interviews Nancy Giordano, a strategic futurist, speaker and founder of Play Big Inc. It is a company that helps businesses define and shape their future. They delve into the topics of AQ (Adaptability Quotient), self-awareness and curiosity and how these factors help us adapt to the future and prepares us and makes us successful in this dynamic and unpredictable world that we live in.


Technology and focus with Bruce Bowser co-author of 'The Focus Effect'

Episode #12

On today’s episode of the Agile Living Podcast, Jon talks with Bruce Bowser, co-author of “The Focus Effect.” Jon and Bruce discuss how technology controls us.  They dive deep on how it makes it hard to focus on our work and our personal lives. Find out how we can free ourselves from the addictions or at least maintain a sense of balance in using technology.  That way, we are more focused to live a happy, healthy and productive life.


Rebuilding Your Business and Passion in a Few Days

Episode #11

Want to learn how to start your business in a few days? Join Jon to find out as he talks with Mark Mitton, Managing Director at 9thWonder and former founder of Carbon8 Marketing Agency. Listen in to find out how you can use the simple tools of confidence and positivity to grow your business fast.


The Future Is Subscription

Episode #10

Why do you need subscription in your business? How do you start and make a successful subscription? Discover the answers on today’s episode as Jon talks with Adam Levinter, founder and CEO of Scriberbase. Adam’s company helps businesses build subscription e-commerce from scratch. He shares, among other things, the advantages of subscriptions over the traditional business and what to do to make subscription works for you and bring more profit into your business.


What AI Can Do for You Right Now, Not Years into the Future

Episode #9

Are you intimidated when you hear the word AI (artificial intelligence)? On today’s episode, Jon talks with Stuart Sherman about why you should not be intimidated by AI. Stuart is the founder and CEO of IMC, the leader in artificial intelligence. Listen in and discover what you need to know about AI, what it can do for us right now and how we can actually use it to make our lives easier.


How Jay Bousada Built His Executive Team

Episode #8

Having a strong and reliable team is one of the foundations of a successful organization. Jay Bousada, president and owner of Thrillworks sits down with Jon to talk about the process of hiring the right people and how to get them to work as a team. Join us as we learn how to effectively scale organizations and empower people to make decisions.


Does a CEO really need a desk?

Episode #7

There was a time when employees' productivity was measured based on how long they've been sitting on their desk. This old school thinking has changed as entrepreneurs explored various ways to drive employee efficiency. Let's listen to Upsuite CEO Ben Wright as he enlightens us on how coworking spaces can help you get more ability and resource than you had before.


How to Build a Business That Supports Your Dream Life with Mike Brcic

Episode #6

How do you design a business? We sit down with Mike Brcic, a serial entrepreneur and the leader of a company called Sacred Ride. Mike takes us on his journey of how he built a successful business to an international level. Listen in as he helps you discover what you want your business to be, how it will impact the world, and changing your goals to focus on what’s important.


Prioritizing Your Leadership Skills Through Health

Episode #5

How does your health affect you? On this episode of Agile Living, we interview Spencer Coppin, the founder of Coppin Health. We discuss how to focus on achieving optimal health, increasing your lifespan, and finding the right people to help you. Tune in as Spencer talks about the differences in our biochemistry, and tips and tricks to optimize your day.


Cutting the Clutter and Having More Agile Communication

Episode #4

Corporate communication has consumed us all. While there are different ways to easily communicate, new platforms have been wasting people’s time and taking away our brain cells. In today’s episode, Jeff Robertson, CTO of 9thWonder Agency will share his thoughts on why we need to unsubscribe to newsletters and how you can be efficient in managing your emails. Tune in to find out how you can have a more productive day.


Why coaching and Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy are essential

Episode #3

On today’s episode, Jon is joined by Andy Swindler, an entrepreneur turned purpose and leadership coach. Andy focuses on the inside out approach to help leaders bring love in every relationship they have. Join them as they talk about the benefits of having a coach and to see if you also need one to improve your career and life.


Two Business Frameworks That Can Make Your Business More Agile

Episode #2

How do you scale up your business? We talk with Roy Chomko, who started up Adage Technologies and focuses on web, e-commerce, and strategy design. Roy & Jon discuss how to grow your business and the way it’s worked in each of their companies. Listen in as Roy helps you uncover the different methods to consider in organizing your business to achieve success.


The Overlooked Power of Curiosity with TedX Speaker Cameron Brown

Episode #1

How do you make dreams come true? On this episode of Agile Living, we are joined by Cameron Brown, the founder of Thriving Collective and a worldwide traveler. We dig in to uncover all about the importance of curiosity, dreaming big, and discovering different angles to make it all come to life! Tune in as Cameron points you to a challenging way of thinking, and gives valuable advice on how to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.


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