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Agility CMS Features

Some, but not all, of the things that make Agility CMS awesome. 

 Features for Content Teams

  • Landing Page Dashboards with Page and Content Analytics Powered by Google Analytics
  • Built-in Reports for Content Sync, Recent Changes, Ready to Publish
  • Global Content Search
  • Mass updates with Batching
  • Customizable content workflows
  • Custom Report Capabilities
  • Task Management
  • User Login and Activity Tracking
  • Login with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Account

 Features for Developers

 Shared Content 

  • Unlimited Custom Content Definitions
  • Unlimited Shared Content Lists and Items
  • Content Import / Export
  • Content Scheduling
  • Advanced Content Relationships - one to one, one to many, or many to many
  • Customize Alerts on Content Updates and Status Changes
  • Customize Security on each Content List 
  • Multiple Content States: Staging, Published, Unpublished, Approved, Declined, Awaiting Approval
  • Standard field types for Text, Number, Date
  • HTML field type with Source Editing
  •  Rich Text Editor with WYSIWIG and source view.
  • Custom Input Field types
  • File, Image and Video attachment field types
  • YouTube field type
  • Linked Content Field types, renderable as Link, Dropdown List, Grid, Searchable Tab or List box
  • Input Form Customization with JavaScript Event Hooks
  • Recycling Bin for Content Lists
  • Unlimited version history with rollback support

 Page Management

  • Unlimited Page Templates
  • Unlimited Module Definitions, with the same field type capabilities as Shared Content.
  • Add, Move, or Remove Pages in a nested Sitemap structure
  • Page Import / Export
  • Page Scheduling
  • Add Modules to Content Zones in a Page
  • Build Dynamic Pages based on a Shared Content List, such as articles or other listings
  • Management multiple Sitemaps using Digital Channels
  • Manage a central list of URL Redirections
  • Customize Page or Module-level Security 
  • Alerts for Updates or Status Changes on Pages or Modules

 Media & Documents

  • Upload images and files to a central repository
  • Link to a central repository from Attachment fields
  • Mass uploading with Zip Files.
  • Image Galleries
  • Automatic Thumbnailing and Resizing of Images files
  • Built-in Image Editor for cropping, resizing, or other simple image editing tasks.
  • Cloud-based Asset storage using Azure Storage or Amazon S3 storage
  • CDN delivery of assets using Stackpath, Azure CDN, or Amazon Cloudfront.

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