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Questions on becoming an integration partner?

What type of ways can Agility integrate with platforms?

The Agility platform was built from the ground up in the cloud and we've made sure there are many ways to interact with the system from an integration standpoint.  Integrations and flexibility are very strong in Agility and this is one of the reasons our customers can roll out solutions faster than conventional systems.  Here are the different ways you can integrate with Agility solutions:

  • Scripts - Simple scripts can be added into the output of content from Agility.  This is the easiest and simplest but doesn't actually integrate the interfaces of Agility.

  • APIs - The open APIs in Agility can pull and push content, both from a content repository and a management standpoint.  

  • Webhooks - This allows integrations to be triggered by actions within the Agility system.  Very useful for all sorts of triggers and for overriding functionality in Agility

  • Input forms - Agility's interface to manage content uses what is called 'input forms', they are the interface in which you add your content.  They can be extended and therefore the interface of Agility can actually push and pull content directly from the interface.  This is very useful if you are pulling content into the management area and what to manipulate and then save that content into your content repository.

  • Modules - Modules can be custom or can be built in as base modules.  These are interfaces for managing content but often have logic and functionality that control the graphical output of the modules themselves.

  • Payment gateways - We support a number of payment gateways but we have the ability to upload and set up new ones if they are built.  They can be built externally but Agility must work with the partner to install them into the Agility platform backend.

  • Direct interface integrations - These integrations are done directly with Agility.  This is where the interface and code of Agility are directly integrated within the platform.  These are tight integrations and can have multiple touchpoints throughout the Agility interface.

  • Components - Components are similar to direct interface integrations but these are full pieces of functionality that can be added and removed per customer.  These can be an add-on cost or only be available to specific packages.  A great example of this would be complete ticketing, Ecommerce or reporting engine layers.

Do you provide developer support if I want to build an integration with Agility?

Agility looks at integrations and partnership as critical for the growth of our platform and to bring value to our customers quicker.  No matter which method of integration you are looking to accomplish, to ensure a smooth integration process it is always helpful to have support on-hand.  Agility provides self-help resources but also direct support from our product team to ensure the integration process goes smoothly but also to ensure that the end result will bring value to our customers and potentially other partners as well.  Please chat directly with us so we can ensure we're aware of the integration you have in mind and can help in any way possible.

Does Agility certify integrations?

Depending on the integration, Agility needs to be involved at different levels.  Any integrations that are built directly into the platform itself have to be certified and worked on with the Agility product team.  API, webhook, input form, and script-based integrations can be done without us even knowing but we love new integrations and hope you share publically what you've built so we can help promote and build these types of integrations deeper into the product.

Does Agility run into version control issues like plug-ins in 'other' CMS platforms?

No, because Agility is built from the ground up in the cloud, we always considered the fact that add-ons and integrations need to communicate through API layers and backwards compatible protocols.  If your integration is built using our open standard connections then it should work going forward and your customers shouldn't have any issues as new enhancements and features are launched over time.

Want to discuss how our platforms can work together?

Let's jump on a call and talk about how we can bring more value to our customers and to each other.

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