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Unikorns is a design and JAMstack development studio based in Warsaw.

We enjoy working with bold, progressive businesses to create websites that help them to achieve their goals.
Our main services:
1. Creating a unique website design from A to Z with no templates that will be perfectly fitted to your individual purpose.
2. Building lightning-fast, highly-secured, and SEO friendly corporate websites.
3. Refreshing or creating a corporate identity as a part of your branding.
Use the power of JAMstack and custom design to stand out and glisten!

  • Unikorns is a JAMstack only oriented studio dedicated to building future proof websites and applications. 
  • Unikorns focused on popularising JAMstack architecture for all size businesses through their blog and social media.
  • And they don't forget to bring style to JAMstack based websites and apps! Their design team creates excellent-looking products
"Just like all people, companies have their personalities. Our mission is to help businesses and people express their true uniqueness. We want to work with you side by side to give the best experience and precious emotions you will remember." Dima Miro, Founder



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