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Backed by over 15 years of proven results from over 250 organizations, Point Alliance offers comprehensive products and solutions that drive your business's growth and success. Over the years, their objective has remained the same: develop cutting-edge solutions that promote your company’s growth and support its agility to meet customer and employee demands.

When you’re undertaking a website redesign it can be tempting to rush in with the excitement of new possibilities, but it’s important to consider the key aspects of a redesign, both aesthetically and from a business perspective. In order for the process to be successful, these two must be aligned if the new website is to provide a high return on investment.

With operations throughout North America and the Caribbean, Point Alliances clients range from enterprise and government to small and medium-sized businesses. Point Alliance has also been recognized numerous times as Canada’s topmost profitable companies, as well as being a part of the 2018 Canadian ICT Companies by Branham300.


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