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Since 2010, Nascent has used emerging technology to create digital experiences that people love, and help drive business growth for our partners. They work with businesses, like Cineplex, to shape their ideas, bring them to life, as well as redefine the way they deliver value to their customers.

Nascent works with a broad range of industries such as entertainment, police services, health, financial, telecom, and more - you can see some of their recent impacts on their great Blog here.

Nascent believes that the quality of life and day-to-day joy in their work is pivotal in creating the most impact. They spend a lot of time and effort contemplating how they can best support each person on the team to make their daily experience as fulfilling as possible. Currently, Nascent is working on an Omnichannel solution for Cineplex using the power of Agility CMS.

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"Agility CMS has been an essential tool in our replatforming work with Cineplex"




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