AWH has been providing digital production services across North America. 

Through their expertise, they can solve the most difficult of data problems by incorporating efficient, quick, and high-value data systems.  AWH’s use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain enables them to provide industry-leading production services.

AWH specializes in:

  • Creating innovative products for the web, mobile, & IoT
  • Solving challenging data problems
  • Implementing fast, efficient, & high value data systems
  • Leveraging Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), & Blockchain for competitive advantage

Selected use cases:

AWH website created with Agilty's Headless CMS

Custom APIs for IncludeHealth

AWH developed APIs to drive communication between The Access Strength™ hardware and The IFCloud™ technology. With The IFCloud™, users can save and schedule workouts as the machine tracks their progress.
The Columbus Foundation unified website with help of Agility CMS

Marketplace for The Columbus Foundation

The Columbus Foundation needed to unify its existing website with PowerPhilanthropy®, a unique online marketplace. Integrating the two sites was critical to delivering an engaging user experience

AWH is passionate about the work they do for their clients and the high-end software products they develop.


"Building great digital products is hard. Being a great digital product company is harder. We help you be great at both for competitive advantage. We are the elite digital product firm that helps you create great software products", AWH