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Agility is a First-Class Partner with Gatsby

Agility is a First-Class Partner with Gatsby

As a First-Class Partner with Gatsby, Agility CMS brings you seamless JAMstack cms applications integration that enables:

  • Performance

    Blazing fast website performance that relies on static files instead of web server calls
  • Short deployment cycles

    Short deployment cycles are driven by easy content and code updates and fast deployment to production
  • Scale up

    A cloud-based CDN that automatically scales compute resources for traffic conditions
Partnership Agility CMS and Vercel

Our Partnership with Vercel

Agility also works closely with Vercel, providing developers and businesses with Vercel’s JAMstack-based frontend advantages:

  • Fast builds and dynamic rebuilds

  • Compatibility

    Compatibility with many frontend frameworks, including Next, Ember, React, and more
  • Fast updates and deployment

    Easy and fast updates and deployment of site code to production through Git with serverless functions, which enables the team to do more with faster turnaround
Easy Deployment to Netlify - Agility CMS

Easy Deployment to Netlify

Netlify is fast becoming one of the most popular JAMstack-enabled web hosting services. Agility CMS features tight integration with Netlify, which provides developers and businesses with benefits including:

  • High-performance serverless websites

  • No infrastructure to purchase (or lease), maintain, or administer

  • Automated previews of every commit

Reduce Costs With the Performance and Infrastructure of JAMStack - Agility CMS

Reduce Costs With the Performance and Infrastructure of JAMStack

Unlike other headless CMS, Agility CMS is easy for marketers to use with zero coding required.

  • Increase productivity

    Shorter development and deployment cycles help increase productivity
  • Lower labor costs

    Development using common JavaScript frameworks means greater availability of qualified developers and reduced labor costs
  • Costs with infrastructure

    Deployment to a JAMstack CDN means lower infrastructure and hosting costs with cms for JAMstack
Graphic of a team workflow on agilitycms.com

Take Control of Your Content Workflow

As a headless CMS with JAMstack, Agility CMS enables businesses to exercise greater control over content workflow and deployment:

  • Accessibility and SEO

    Automated accessibility and SEO testing can be performed with each deployment and alerts when the content doesn’t meet specifications. This ability promotes consistent quality with each deployment for better visitor experience and better search results
  • Version control

    All content assets, from code to text to media, have a tracked version history in the system - noting who made changes, as well as what changes were made - and can be reverted to previous versions.
  • Automated builds

    The build server is automatically notified when a new build is required, and new builds can be pushed to the production site immediately.
Leverage JAMstack’s Content Delivery Advantages - Agility CMS

Leverage JAMstack’s Content Delivery Advantages

JAMstack provides unique advantages for Agility CMS, including:

  • Content delivery

    All content assets in any format can be pre-built and served from a CDN, which enables better access, higher performance, and easier scalability.
  • Atomic deploys

    Whether updating a single content object or an entire site, JAMstack guarantees a consistent global version of what appears on the site.
  • Cache invalidation

    Cached pages are immediately invalidated once a build is uploaded, making updates instantaneously available.
World-Class JAMStack Support Services

World-Class JAMStack Support Services

The competition doesn’t compare to our JAMStack CMS Features. Agility offers top-shelf support for businesses who are looking for faster, better API CMS options, including:

  • User Training

    For new users who need to be brought up to speed or veterans in need of a refresher, Agility has training resources for everyone.
  • Never build platforms from scratch again

    Content structures are built one time and can be used over and over again - allowing you to save time, money, and reduce downtime
  • Full-service technical support

    Agility’s technical support team provides quick response and resolution times to get your mission-critical content where it needs to be.

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