Webinar: Never Rebuild Your Website From Scratch: How to migrate to JAMstack without starting from scratch using Gatsby and Agility CMS

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Evolution vs Revolution. At Agility CMS, our top goal is to help customers so that they never have to rebuild their website from scratch ever again.

We often talk about being agile, and this leads right into that concept. You want to be able to take small chunks of your invested resources and incrementally build on them over time. What this means for us right now is that we can take advantage of JAMStack without rebuilding everything.


Adopting a Content-First approach doesn't mean you don't care about design!  Rather, it means that you architect your content so that it can be reused over and over again as your front-end designs change.  A Content-First approach means you can expand to better design, UX and new channels without having to rewrite your content.

A Page-By-Page Approach

Not ready to do a complete rebuild but want to adopt new technology like JAMstack?  We can show you how to do that using CDN technology.

Excited to learn how to do it? Join this practical webinar and we will show you all the ins and outs, code snippets and gotchas.

Joel Varty and James Vidler from Agility CMS take you through JAMStack and you can get started using it today.

What will you learn?

1 |  How to sell JAMstack and Headless CMS to your peers and managers

2 | How to design a migration path from a traditional site to a JAMstack site

3 |  How to program CDN rules and design your DevOps

Why should you watch?

1 |  You want to start using JAMstack on an existing site

2 | You've heard about JAMStack, but you think it's only for new builds

3 | You want to get a head start on a popular technology

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