JAMstack 101: Getting Started with Eleventy and Agility CMS

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  • Are you ready for building lightweight, blazing-fast web apps that can be scaled independently?
  • Excited about JAMstack but not sure how to start?
  • Want to learn more about Headless CMS and Statis Site Generators?

JAMstack is not about specific technologies. It is the combination of underlying tooling that makes JAMstack so exciting. One of those tools is Eleventy!

Eleventy, a fast and simple static site generator written in Node.js., was created to be a JavaScript alternative to Jekyll.

Agility CMS, a Headless CMS that combines a fast flexible development environment with familiar authoring tools that both developers and marketers can love.

Join, Joel Varty, President of Agility CMS and creator of Eleventy - Zach Letherman and learn more about this amazing light SSG!


Get started with Headless CMS and JAMstack using Eleventy.

  • Sometimes you just want to get some dynamic content into some static HTML files.
  • If you have a static, hardcoded website that's already built, you don't need to completely rebuild it in order to get dynamic content into it from a Headless CMS.
  • Eleventy is a great tool to do this work - even if you only need to work on one file at a time.

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