Gatsby and Agility CMS

Building a Gatsby site with Agility CMS provides a best-in-class experience for editors and developers to create blazing-fast websites.

Gatsby is optimized for speed and is easy to integrate with a variety of data sources. Our integration with Gatsby is the only one that will not only source your content from Agility, but it will also generate your pages for you. This leaves developers to build UI components and empowers editors to compose and manage their pages.

Gatsby's fantastic developer experience is well documented, but we believe the editor experience should come first. If you want a fast website, happy developers, and productive editors, then this is for you.

Build Better User Experiences

Gatsby was designed from the ground up to improve the User Experience across the web. That means performance, SEO, and accessibility are top of mind. They have implemented many out-of-the-box techniques to give you a leg up on providing the best experience for your users.

Cheap, Reliable, and Flexible Hosting

Since your website is static HTML, you don't need numerous, expensive web servers to host your website, no matter how much traffic you get! Your site is infinitely scalable and easily portable. This means you can host your website for a fraction of the cost on a number of different providers and because your site is static, it is much more reliable.

Happy Editors and Developers

Gatsby developers love their job. They can use the skills they have while developing new ones and take advantage of many of the modern tools available to improve the developer experience. 

Gatsby is a framework built on top of React, currently, the most popular JavaScript framework and for good reason. It makes it easier for developers to create reliable and re-usable interactive UIs, and there is an enormous eco-system of learning tutorials, forums and code plugins targeted to helping React developers. Gatsby takes this even further and provides a structured foundation for building websites using React. The end result is that developers building websites using Gatsby are developing an important skill that brings them into the React ecosystem and can even transfer some learnings into other React-based development such as mobile apps.

Get Started Quickly

We've created a Starter Template which is designed for developers who want to start using Agility CMS with Gatsby. Save time and effort by using our templates that are already integrated with Agility CMS using best practices.

Blog Starter

The Blog Starter template is a simple template that connects to a sample Agility CMS instance. This instance comes pre-configured with sample pages and content for a blog-styled website.

Using the Blog Starter