Deploy .NET Site to Azure

You can deploy your .NET starter or any .NET application via Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio 2019.

Visual Studio Code

Build Release Project for Deployment

  1. Run the code locally to ensure everything is working as expected.
  2. Install Azure Resources App and Azure App Services App.
  3. Generate a publish folder to deploy by running the following command in the Agility.NET.Starter directory:
dotnet publish -c Release -o ./publish
This works with .Net 7<br>

Deploy to Azure Web App

Deploy publish folder to App Service by right-clicking on the folder and selecting 'Deploy to Web App...' and following the prompts to select 'Subscription' and 'Web App'.

Visual Studio 2019

Deploy to Azure Web App

1.  Right-click on Agility.NET.Starter and select 'publish'.

2. Select Azure:

3.  Select Azure App Service (Windows).

4.  Select Subscription and App Service.

5. After the profile is created hit 'Publish'.