Angular and Agility CMS

With Angular and Agility CMS, you can build a beautiful and performant website for your users, and deliver an amazing experience for both your Editors and Developers.

Our integration with Angular is the only one that will generate pages for you. This allows developers to focus on building UI Components (i.e. Page Modules) and empowers editors to compose and manage all of their pages on their website.

Happy, Productive Editors

While using Agility CMS to power the content of your Angular site, editors can create and manage pages with ease. They'll have a toolbox of UI Components (i.e. Page Modules and Page Templates) to select from that developers have built for them, and they'll use these to compose their pages. Editors are able to preview content changes in real-time in a Preview Environment prior to publishing.

Happy, Productive Developers

Angular is a popular platform and framework maintained by Google for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. With a blazing-fast development environment, the app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files. This will also load the latest (staging mode) content from Agility CMS. When you change the content in the CMS, simply reload your page to see those changes updated on the site. It's extremely easy for developers to create reusable interactive UI Components (i.e. Page Modules & Page Templates) Editors can use to compose their pages.

Getting Started Quickly

The Blog Starter template is a simple template that connects to a sample Agility CMS instance. This instance comes pre-configured with sample pages and content for a blog-styled website.

Using the Blog Starter