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Reviews from our customers

Agility CMS is easy to use and simple, but can complete difficult tasks.

Agility CMS is fluid and the learning curve is easy to pick up on. The layout and where to find pages, assets, and code, makes it fast to locate what you need to find. The customer service is top-notch as well!

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Kevin T

May 26, 2020

Versatile CMS

The combination of built-in features and front-end flexibility have been great. There's a significant productivity boost compared to our old CMS. The ability to review edits immediately after making them has been an asset. The global search functionality has also enhanced productivity. Being able to batch upload images has been a great help, too.

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Travis G

February 27, 2020

AgilityCMS, User-friendly application creating a top class product for over 5 years

That Agility CMS is user-friendly and doesn't require any development and code-writing skills on our end. It allows our users to add pages and edit content at need. We are an online magazine and content management is very important to us. We have a lot of content to manage but not much time, nor the expertise, to deal with complex systems. So simplicity, page management, flexibility, and no prerequisite coding skills are our top reasons for using Agility CMS

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Co-editor, Co-publisher in the Media Industry

June 12, 2020

"The Agility team is knowledgeable and works diligently to ensure the success of its clients. The platform is flexible and powerful enough for all of our projects while remaining approachable for a range of non-technical staff."
Craig Cameron

Director, Web and Digital Properties at Hockey Canada