Compass Group Canada

Compass Group Canada is a global leader in contract foodservice and support services, managing tens of thousands of meal plans for educational institutions, professional and leisure organizations. The company rebuilt one of its key sites,, on Agility CMS in 2014. The site is an online portal and Ecommerce site that provides dining information, purchases and services for university campuses.


When Compass Group approached Agility, the Dine on Campus website was in need of a major overhaul. It needed an updated, more intuitive user experience for its content team to accommodate back-end complexities. It also needed to be more user-friendly with a robust, scalable Ecommerce capability for the high volume of site visitors finding information and making purchases. Additionally, the site’s dynamic content had to change based on school selection.

The new site also needed a new and modern design. Lastly, Compass Canada needed a content management solution that included a mobile component so that the site could easily be viewed and used on every device.

Agility’s Solution

Using the Agility CMS platform and professional services team, Compass developed a new responsive site that houses all schools, with an improved, easier-to-use portal and robust Ecommerce capability. The new site dynamically updates the banner name and content offering based on the customer’s province and school selection. The new site also provides a consistent layout across all individual school sites. Each individual university site provides a wide variety of info, including:

  • Dining plans for students, staff and faculty
  • Dining locations
  • Menus
  • Catering menus and information for booking
  • A calendar of monthly promotions and events
  • Sustainability programs on campus
  • Online ordering
  • Social media integration
  • Online surveys
  • Contact info

The site is also now seamlessly integrated with full payment processing with a merchant account. Content is easily managed by multiple stakeholders, with secure user accounts set up for 75 content editors.


Compass Group is extremely happy with the Agility CMS platform and the new site. They are finding Agility CMS easy to use, and their team continues to utilize the platform to keep content up-to-date.

“We love our new site. The redesign is fresh and the user-experience is vastly improved. It was very easy to learn how to use the new platform, and the Agility Team was a pleasure to work with. They were able to provide a solution tailored to our specific needs,” Humza Teherany, Vice President – Business Transformation, said. “Since the site launched in March, traffic has increased significantly.”

Visit the site:

Benefits of Agility CMS for retailers:


  • Our CMS platform seamlessly integrates with third party tools like shopping carts and your preferred payment processing services

  • You can easily configure custom product types and offer downloadable products, bundled products, paid memberships, donations, product options, featured products and more

  • Reports enable you to keep track of all orders and their entire processing history

  • You can personalize content and present each visitor with a unique experience every time they come back to site

  • Modules – widgets – help organize and deliver content on your site. These components can be placed onto pages to provide static, dynamic and interactive content

  • Easily manage and publish documents, PDFs, images in any file format and more

  • Page templates can be used to define the graphical layout and module zones for each page created using a particular template

  • Agility CMS sites are search engine optimized and are quickly indexed by Google and other search engines

  • See all of the features that Agility CMS provides here


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