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Why API-first Headless CMS?

Why API-first Headless CMS?

Agility developed the first API driven headless CMS in the market, circa 2003. Ever since then, Agility’s API-first CMS has been the foundation others have tried to build on. Agility still leads the market with:

  • Real API Headless CMS

    A headless CMS with API driven technology from the start, unlike CMS’ that had APIs bolted on to an existing system
  • A legacy of building websites

    Our experience helps us understand and address web development pain points
  • Support 360

    World-class support, education, and training for developers and content specialists
Use GraphQL for API Queries - API Based Headless CMS

Use GraphQL for API Queries

Agility’s headless API-based CMS features seamless integration with Gatsby, which enables the use of the powerful GraphQL query language in your CMS. GraphQL gives you:

  • A simple, intuitive query language for CMS APIs.

  • The results you expect, the first time and every time.

  • Control over how much data to fetch and in what format

Built with Developers In Mind - Agility CMS

Built with Developers In Mind

Agility’s API-based CMS helps developers in numerous ways:

  • Coding in any language.

    Leverage in-house skill sets or readily available outside expertise, whether in .NET, JavaScript, or any other framework
  • Quick ramp-up

    The language-agnostic approach means developers can be productive out of the gate with no learning curve to overcome.
  • Easy APIs.

    Agility CMS supports RESTful APIs for fast and easy integration with any system.
Built for Integration - API Based Headless CMS

Built for Integration

By enabling webhooks, Agility CMS gives you powerful integration tools with any external system:

  • Trigger actions in response to CMS events

    Notifications, website updates, and more can be launched from any action taken in the CMS.
  • Future-proof your environment

    If a new technology, system, or framework is needed, simply add its API to the mix--no need to reinvent any part of your content landscape.
  • Increase business efficiencies

    Integrate with any marketing tools thanks to REST API-based CMS (CRM, ERP, e-commerce, and more) means more content-related business processes can be automated.
Content first API CMS

Content First

Agility never forgets what the “C” stands for in “CMS.” With a content-first mindset, Agility CMS enables the business to:

  • Manage all content from one platform

    No working in multiple CMS platforms; all editors are in control of their content.
  • Build multi- and omnichannel experiences

    Use the CMS to give your customers what they want: A seamless, cohesive brand experience across devices and communication channels.
Content Workflow With Agility CMS and JAMstack

Marketer/Editor Friendly

Agility knows that marketers and editors need to focus on what they do best without getting hung up on technical details. To that end, Agility CMS features include:

  • WYSIWYG content editor

    An Intuitive WYSIWYG content editor for seamless page management. No fussing with HTML or CSS tags.
  • Optimize your content

    Benefit from built-in modules for content management, SEO, image editing and content search that integrate faster speeds for load time.
  • Sharing and previews

    Agility CMS enables previews and content sharing--even to users without Agility access.
World-Class JAMStack Support Services

Full-Service Support

From the beginning, Agility’s business model has included top-notch services and support:

  • Education and training on the Web

    API headless CMS online education resources give both developers and business users the tools they need to succeed.
  • Support

    Have a question or need help working through a tricky problem? Our experts are experienced web developers with a passion for solving problems.
  • Documentation

    Agility CMS API documentation for developers, as well as our end-user documentation and online help resources, are complete, correct, and up-to-date.

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