Meet the Leadership Team

They work day and night making sure Agility meets its goals while helping our customers meet theirs.

Jonathan Voigt

CEO & Co-Founder

Jon founded Agility in 2002, turning Agility CMS into one of today’s leading Headless CMS platforms.  Build to be flexible and easy to use, Agility builds on a solid foundation with advanced features and enterprise-grade stability and performance.  Agility is focused on delivering the next generation of digital experiences for websites, apps, or any other digital destination you can imagine.

From dinners and retreats, Jon is passionate about getting leaders together and using the community to boost the success of everyone, his view on life is always positive and feels the world has more to offer than we realize.  Jon gives back and is heavily involved in supporting The National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC and Fall For Dance North. 

Jon is responsible for leading Agility to the next big stage.  He believes that the often forgotten "secret" to living a truly fulfilling and happy life lies in your ability to be agile and lives that in the business and in life.

Joel Varty

President & CTO

Joining the company in 2005, Joel has over 20 years of experience in software development and product management.  As CTO, he embraced cloud technology as a groundbreaking concept over a decade ago, and he continues to help customers adopt new technology with hybrid frameworks and the Jamstack.

Joel holds a degree from The University of Guelph in English and Computer Science. He's led Agility CMS to many awards and accolades during his tenure, such as being named the Best Cloud CMS in 2017 by CMS Critic, and most recently, climbing up the leader board on G2 Crowd for Headless CMS. 

As President, Joel oversees the company's three main pillars: growth, product, and corporate services.  He works to guide the other leaders at Agility CMS towards rapid growth and expansion in each of their areas.

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James Vidler

Vice President, Product and Operations

James leads the product and operations pillar at Agility and is a cloud architect guru. James is responsible for making sure we deliver everything we promise to our customers and they are properly educated and supported.

James brings an extensive background in software development, cloud architecture as well as experience in managing teams, building cloud applications, infrastructures, and using cutting-edge technologies to build awesome web applications. James brings extensive knowledge in computer systems and information technology combined with the hands-on experience building online applications in a variety of industries that make him a trusted advisor to Agility's international network of implementation partners.