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Tuesday, May 9 @ 2pm EST

Selling tickets online is by no means a new concept and millions of organizations are doing it every day. But there is a big difference between simply offering tickets online versus delivering an engaging digital experience that truly encourages visitors to make a purchase and drives significant sales revenue.

With a young generation used to doing things instantly and having technology at their fingertips, organizations need to ensure a seamless purchasing process that takes only seconds to complete. At times, these strategies can require a hefty upfront cost that might not be readily available.

Embracing the right technology, streamlining internal business processes and perfecting your visitors’ website journey all play critical roles in driving those ticket sales on your website.

Join us for a one-hour webinar to learn tips and tricks about boosting your online tickets sales without blowing a huge budget on advertising.

  • Learn how to do a quick usability audit and uncover money-leaking holes on your website.
  • Discover different ways to improve your customers’ website journey.
  • Explore ways to bullet proof your checkout process.
  • Gain valuable tips and tricks on how to deliver valuable and relevant content to your customers.
  • Learn how your organization can optimize internal processes to help with all of the above.

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