Agility CMS | Are We a Right Fit for You?

Every Agility project starts with the question: “Are we a right fit for you?” At Agility, we believe everyone deserves amazing experiences, so it’s a priority for us to establish if Agility can meet our customers and partners' unique needs and goals today, as well as in the future.  

To that end, before we decide with our customer and/or partner if there's a good fit between two companies, we ask two crucial questions: 

The Right Fit Check-List

  • We may be a good fit if you are looking for:

    • Projects built around creating an amazing experience for your customers 

    • A mid- to long-term solution requiring careful planning, project management and implementation 

    • Projects with tight timelines, as Agility is quick to develop on 

    • A highly customized solution that meets your exact requirements of architecture and design 

    • A solution requiring heavy 3rd party integrations that can be easily managed from one spot 

    • A solution that supports Ecommerce, POS and/or Ticketing initiatives, as well as many delivery channels (website, mobile apps, kiosk) 

    • A cloud-based, scalable and high-performance solution 

    • A solution supporting advanced content tagging and personalization initiatives 

    • A solution that provides you with key services such as support, training and project management 

    • A highly secure solution 

    • A future-proof solution that will grow and evolve with your business, without the need to rebuild from scratch every few years

  • We may NOT be a good fit if you are looking for:

    • A temporary solution that can be set up quickly using simple templates 

    • A quick-build solution that doesn’t require any planning or project management input from us 

    • A simple solution with few 3rd party integration requirements 

    • A very low-cost solution 

    • No support from our team 

    • A static solution that won’t evolve over time 

    • A website built by a single developer who is also responsible for managing all content

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