Tessitura Integration

Combine the power & flexibility

of the Agility True Cloud CMS Platform

with Tessitura's ticketing system

to better represent your brand online

Bring more value to your Tessitura Installation

Both Agility and Tessitura are both designed to work with other systems - why not each other? 

We support 3 recommended methods of integration, helping you to maximize your Tessitura investment with the power of the best Cloud CMS in the industry.

  1. Bring your Tessitura data into Agility, and include that data in all your online properties controlled by the Agility Cloud.
  2. Bring Agility data into your TNEW installation to control the header, footer, and other branding.
  3. Combine both 1 and 2 while create a single sign on (SSO) experience between your TNEW site and your other websites.

Let's walk through the difference scenarios.

1. Bring Tessitura data into Agility to Create a Single Online Ticketing Experience

Tessitura has a modern REST API that Agility can take full advantage of.

Bring in performances, user registrations, and all your other data that's managed in Tessiture to your main website and other online properties.

Associate Agility data with Tessitura data using our advanced Input Form customizations. 

Imagine selecting a performance from your current season to feature on your homepage and publishing with rich content and videos, with ticket purchase capabilities built right into one site.  Those and other capabilities are possible using Agility with Tessitura.

2. Bring the Power of Agility into your TNEW Website

TNEW (TN Express Web) allows for the easy customization of the header, footer, as well as deeper customization with other native web elements (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

Agility allows these to be output in the format TNEW expects, using our Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fast delivery.

Easily maintain consistent branding between your marketing or corporate site and your ticketing site for a better customer experience.

Updates made in Agility will be automatically synchronized to TNEW.

3: Agility + Tessitura = AWESOME

Unleash the capabilities of both platforms to bring the ultimate experience to your customers and the most power to your staff.

Agility brings your customers a single point of authentication (SSO) across your marketing website and TNEW.

Tessitura provides a unified experience for arts & culture management, and now your marketers and content managers can get more deeply involved using Agility.

Bring Tessitura data into your content managers' experience and make it easier to reference your performances, calenders, ticket selection, and all other data that is available through the Tessiture system.