May 2012 Full Release Notes

Mike Iskiw - April 25-2012
Here is a list of the items that were added or fixed in the release that will be rolling out throughout May of 2012.
  • Digital Assets (Improved Document and Photo Management)
  • Improved Agility UGC comment notification emails
  • Improved content list paging performance for large lists
  • Upgraded HTML editor control to latest version
  • Fixed issue with state changes not updating in comment moderation view within Agility
  • Improved JavaScript memory management when opening dialogs within Agility improving memory usage in some browsers
  • Fix bug with content grid column order when switching item order
  • Fixed bug with preview button not being displayed when a preview domain was properly configured
  • Fixed bug with related content grids not always showing the up and down links
  • Fixed template selection on non-website channel types which were selecting website specific templates
  • Fixed bug which was causing only 9 items to appear in a content list instead of the expected 10 items
  • 40 Random Bugs

Client Requests

  • Corus - Added "Move Mode" to support moving items in a content list to anywhere within the list
  • Added the ability to specify the default page size within a content list
  • Cineplex - Fixed the sort order bug with some content lists when moving items up and down
  • Shoppers Drug Mart - The last folder you select when browsing for a media or documents within a file selector will be remembered when selecting a new file

Partner Requests

  • Brushfire North - Content synchronization is now possible over secure HTTPS connection
  • Brushfire North - Added all defined languages to the Ready to publish report language dropdown
  • CMS Critic - Added “Email me if someone replies” notification functionality to existing UGC lists


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