June 2013 Full Release Notes

Anthony Valela - June 20-2013

The following items were added, updated or fixed in the latest release of Agility:

  • Fixed bug with Top Navigation custom links that were not working when trying to select from Digital Content.
  • Updated Publish List Dialog so radio button options appear immediately after hitting "Publish List".
  • New feature: Allows users to restrict modules to certain content zones on page templates.
  • Fixed bug with tab counts on Website Users > Profiles in UGC.
  • Several UI updates applied to Website Users grid within the Settings section.
  • Fixed error when switching between languages and back when content exists in one language but not the other.
  • Fixed bug with using Page Copy function - some modules were not being kept on page.
  • Fixed bug with image thumbnails not appearing when scheduled to be published on a future date.
  • Updated Save prompt on Module and Content Definitions - only prompts when a change has been made now.
  • Fixed issues with input form previewing.
  • Updated the URL picker to now allow users to select Dynamic pages.
  • New feature: Shared Module Zones that allow users to configure a module zone for an entire section.
  • Updates to pagination sizes on Digital Content and User Content lists to remember last selection and configure results per page.
  • New feature: Column added to Ready to Publish Report that displays the path of the content item.
  • New feature: Allow for image fields to be required in an input form.
  • New feature: Publish reminder when moving pages in the pages tree.
  • New feature: Tracking changes to Settings section - users can now see who made last changes.
  • Fixed issues with timeouts occurring when declining/approving large content lists.
  • New feature: Ability to see French characters and other HTML entities within back end.
  • New feature: Added new report for "User Activity" to Reports section to track daily login and activity of Agility users.
  • Fixed bug with adding various modules to pages.
  • Fixed bug with validation being triggered incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug with approving/declining items from the status bar vs. within the grid view.
  • Fixed issue with hosting environment FTP were large files were not uploading properly.
  • Fixed intermittent issues with Save & Close on content items.
  • Fixed bug with image size validations being triggered incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug where error occurred when adding an Image Slider module to a page.
  • Fixed intermittent issues with backups failing in Application Hosting Environment.
  • Several UI updates to Inline Code feature.


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