January 2014 Full Release Notes

Anthony Valela - January 21-2014

New Features and Updates

  • Implemented a brand new report called Sync Status Report (click here for full details)
  • Renamed Old Sync Report to Item Sync Report  (click here for full details)
  • Updates to Content and Page Status bars (click here for full details)
  • Added ability to move properties up and down in content/module definitions (click here for full details)
  • Added ability to allow users to set a default bale to True/False on Form Builder content definition
  • Added Drag & Drop feature to Image Galleries
  • Updates Maximum Value on content definitions to be configurable (previously could not set higher than 128 characters)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to Agility.Web to resolve issue with dynamic pages having query string stripped out
  • Fix to allow Maximum Value to be set for fields on content definitions
  • Fix to resolve issue with pages getting unpublished when clearing a module form the page
  • Fix to resolve issue with contributor requests displaying slim rich text area in Safari
  • Fixed issue with not being able to save legacy input forms


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