Anthony Valela Appointed to Director of Operations Role

Jillean Kearney - November 25-2013

The big announcements continue to roll out at Agility Inc. The company recently announced a change in leadership and the introduction of premium services as part of its new focused customer-centric vision. Now, Agility is happy to announce the promotion of Anthony Valela from project manager to director of operations.

"I'm very honored and excited to step into the director of operations role at Agility," Valela said. "We have an amazing team at Agility made up of smart, passionate and committed individuals who are all aligned under the same goal of identifying problems for our customers and providing the best solution. It is truly a privilege to work among such a great group of people."

Valela now oversees the entire operations team to ensure that all projects stick to their timelines and budgets. He also ensures the review and approval of service proposals, design, development, management and the realization of projects. Additionally, Valela oversees quarterly and yearly strategic initiatives, and has acquired many more responsibilities in his new role. It is a challenge he is welcoming with open arms.

"We have big plans for 2014, and I am very motivated by our new focus and leadership under Jon Voigt as CEO," Valela said. "I'm eager to work with the team under this new focus to execute and achieve some of our larger strategic initiatives in the coming year."


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